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Who made uniforms in World War 2?


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the women made the uniforms in World War 2.

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They made weapons,munitions, uniforms, tanks, airplanes, ships.

They wore uniforms with emblems.

Americans wore Tan uniforms and green uniforms

Try this site It has a detailed list of the uniforms.

Authentic Canadian World War II uniforms can be purchased through military salvage stores and thrift stores. Reproductions of these uniforms can be ordered from specialty shops such as Costumes Inc.

There is a really cool website where you can get Lego World War 2 figures and weapons. The website is called BrickArms (see link below). They have unlimited weapons used in World War 2 and Lego figures during the War. I am not sure where to get replica uniforms. Maybe you should just search the web for ideas.

Yes , the uniforms had changed from world war to world war such as the field uniform of those who served in the first world war went from khaki colored to that of olive drab , the helmets changed shapes , field packs changed , dress uniforms changed , etc ... ~ see link below .

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Try eBay or an antique store.

The uniforms were made in factories in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, India and other countries. The women were the ones who did most of the work since the men had been called to fight on the war front or to support the warriors. The military quarter masters then issued the uniforms to the service people. Private tailoring companies were also contracted to make uniforms from various countries.

From what I can find out, most of the Australian uniforms were of British inspiration, but made in Australia. They also varied slightly in design from their British counterparts. Also, dependent upon were Australian troops served, they may have worn a combination of British, American and Canadian uniforms.

Rats were actually the uniforms that the Autralians wore. (the name of the uniform)

With the blood of jews. A paintbruish is effective to apply this

the north were agenst slavery and they also had blue uniforms

If they were in the armed forces they wore uniforms.

No, field gear & weapons were turned in. Class A uniforms and shoes were kept upon leaving service

Yes, many of them would have been proud to wear their uniforms back home to show what they had done.

I found a website for you that has actual photographs of women wearing the Uniforms of World War 2 in the USA. There are other uniforms of other services. Look on this web site for those too. See related link below.

They woar black boots green trousers and green jacket and green hat

Please clarify if you want to know about uniforms or normal daily dress.

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