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your Wards shotgun was made by Stevens.It is the Stevens model 94B(Tenite).These were made from 1926-1945.There were 934,000 made during this time span.

when was the model 10 hercules 410 shot gun manufactured

Your wards werstern field 20ga was made buy stevens.The stevens model 94c is valued at between 50-100 dollars.

The words Western Field means that you have a firearm that was made for the Montgomery wards Co.In this case you have a firearm that was made by Stevens,and the model that you have is The stevens model 94B(Tenite).This is a single shot shotgun that was first made in 1926.

If yours is a single shot .22, it was made for Montgomery Wards by Noble- and it is a Noble Model 10.

Chances are that you have a Stevens model 94B,that was made for Montgomery wards by Stevens.these shotguns have been made from 1926-1945,in a total amount of 934,000.I hope this might help?

I have a Wards Hercules 16ga model 10. Mine is in excellent condition and only worth $150.00. For that it worth just hanging on to.

If your gun is the origanal model 10 it will have an A,B,or C at the end of model 1o on the bridge and barrel . we think the gun with the B is the most exspensive gun. they are used here in Kentucky for shooting matches. One of the best guns made for shoting matches.there is a model 8 that looks like a model 10. The Model 10 shotgun was a pump-action takedown shotgun made from 1910-1929. It was offered in various grades, but the most often seen plain version sells for around $200 in working order. Model 10 begain production in 1908 - 1929 it was made for 21 yearsThe Remington Model 10 slide action shotgun was made from 1911 to 1929. In 100% condition, it books at $300. In 60%, $110.

If your rifle is a single shot bolt action, I believe that was made by Noble as their Model 10.

The Remington Repeating Shotgun was introduced in 1907. The name was changed to the Model 10 in 1911. In excellent condition, it has a blue book value around $300.

Made by Stevens. If it has no serial number, it was made before 1969.

The value of Wards Western Field model 10 would actually depend on a number of factors. The most important of these factors would be the condition.

The Winchester model 1901 shotgun was made between the years 1901-1920.

I can tell you it was made in 1928, that's about it. If the barrel is original you can get the month/year from the date code stamp. See related links. Also the Remington model 10 was made by Remington from 1911-1929

The Hercules Model 10 is actually a Stevens model 94. The model 94 was manufactured between 1926 and 1945.

This was made by Harrington & Richardson. Probably a model 10 or 120. (is this a singleshot? If so, value about $75 or less.AnswerIf the shotgun you have is a 12ga please do not fire your shotgun and go to this web sight:

Your Winchester model 1897 shotgun was made in the year 1901.The value of your shotgun is between 150-400 dollars based on your shotgun having between 10%-70% of its original finish and blueing remaining,and a good bore.

If your Winchester model 1897 shotgun has between 10%-60% of its original finish remaining,then it will be worth between 150-300 dollars.

12 gauge winchester 1900 made in 1899.In order to assist you in defining a value to your Winchester shotgun I will need to clarify some info provided and ask that you give a more detailed description of the shotgun in question.First I will say that Winchester made the model 1897 pump action shotgun,they made a model 1901 lever action shotgun in 10 gauge only.They also made the model 1911 semi-auto shotgun.So you must determine the model of your shotgun first.Then provide more info on the overall condition of the shotgun to include the amount of original finish remaining on the wood and metal,type of barrel(plain,vent rib,solid matte rib).All these things will help me assign a more accurate value to your shotgun.

High Standard shotguns made before 1969 did not have serial numbers except for some exported models and the Model 10-A bullpup. Your shotgun has no serial number.

your gun is a model 10, 12 gauge bolt action repeating shotgun made by Sears/High Standard in 1948 Probably during the period of 1948 through 1952.