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Your Western Field model 768 was made by mossberg for the Mongomery Wards company(Western Field).The mossberg model 800A is the same rifle as yours.

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Neither Revelation nor Western Field made firearms. The first is a brand name retailed by Western Auto and the second by Montgomery Ward. The Revelation 220 is a Mossberg 800 and the 225 a Savage 340.

An air rifle could be made in that calibre. Benjamin made a model 242 and 247 in .177 and .22 calber from 1968-92 but not a model 243.

This is the same as the Mossberg 800 and was made in the late 1960's into about 1980. Value ranges from $200-$300.

1955, Winchester Model 70.

.243 was made in a variety of Browning Rifle models. There are too many to list. Perhaps you could provide a model and we could tell you if it "wasn't" chambered in .243

Don't know about the 243 carbine but the serial numbers for the model 100 go up to 263170 on the site I use to check dates. That number sounds about right but the model 100 was made in a .308 and a .243 with the .308 being the majority.

Depends on if that model is offered in 243

Can't answer without knowing who made it.

It is a Winchester Model 70. Great rifles.

Economy version of the Model 70 made from 69-72 in .243, .270 and 30/06

Your revelation model 220b was actuaaly made by mossberg.The mossberg model designation for this firearm is the mossberg model 800B.The mossberg model 800 was made in 1967,the model 800VT was made in 1968,and the model 800D was made from 1970-1973.I would say that your rifle was made in 1967-1968.

The model is A-Bolt type II or "A Bolt II" It was made in 2000

A semi auto rifle from the early 70s made in 243, 284 and 308.

Several makers produced rifles marked with Western Auto's Revelation brand. The value of your rifle will depend on which model and the condition. Please repost with the model, or leave a message on my message board, and we will try to get you a real answer.

The twist rate in a Winchester 670, 243 caliber is 1:10.

I have a Wards Western Field EJN-750 in .243, built on a Sako L57 action, number 3091. I purchased it new at the Montgomery Wards in Albany, NY in 1960. I believe it was manufactured in 1959 or 1960, but been unable to identify who manufactured it for Wards. There was another EJN-750 in .306 on the sale table, but I couldn't afford another $68 for it!

a serial number is needed to give you an exact age of your rifle.I can say that your winchester in .243 cal.was made between 1956-1973.

Winchester introduced the .243 Winchester cartridge in 1955 for the bolt-action Model 70, and the lever action Model 88. As far as the year of manufacture of a particular rifle, you will need to provide the manufacturer, model number and serial number to trace it, but if chambered for .243, it logically cannot be early than 1955.

There is no model 243, you mean a model 700 in 243? Condition? Gun values are determined by condition, condition, and condition! There's also many different models of the 700 available it 243, new you can buy them from 6-800.- so less then that based on the model and condition.

The best that I can do is say that the savge model 99e carbine was made between 1960-1982.

There is no model number 3006 or 243 in the Woodmaster line. Check Remington's webiste under the Sportsman's Library.

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