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The Western Field model 880 was made by Colt. It was the Colt Colteer semi-automatic .22 LR rifle.

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Q: Who made western field rifle 22 mod 880a ech cal 22lr?
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What is the value of a western field Model 880A-ECH?

need value of western field model 880a-ech 22 long rifle

When was the 880a-ech western field 22 cal rifle made?

To the best of my knowledge, the last made was 6 months after the end of WW2

Who made western field rifle 22 mod 880a-ech cal. .22l.r.?

Not certain, but I THINK your rifle may be a Colt Colteer semi automatic, made for Montgomery Wards under their Western Field label. Some of the cross reference data is spotty. Google images for Colteer, and see if it is similar to your rifle.

How old is a Western field model 880a ech 22lr and how to fine parts?

i have recently obtained this gun, it was my Great Grandfather's. i went to a gun store and the lady told me that this gun was made during WWII and it was discontinued 6 months after WWII. thats about all i know, hope it helps

Parts for Western Field Mod. 880A-ech 22 cal lr?

rg 390 cal .38 knall

What is a western field mod 880a ech worth?

I am not sure about the correct answer but I can tell you this for certain. My friend and I bought our new in either 1961 or 1962 from Montgomery Wards.

Where can i find info on 880a-ech 22 cal semi-fire rifle this?

Provide a detailed description of all markings and pictures.

Who made western field mod 880A 22 semi auto?

I believe it was made by Colt Firearms and sold through Sears. I have one and it is a very straight shooter for a .22, but very hard to clean. I would like to find a manual on it.

What is a OF Mossberg and Sons inc model 880A .308 Rifle comparable to when looking to purchase a synthetic stock?

Anything made by any other maker that has similar features.

Who made high power bolt action guns sold by western auto?

Savage/Stevens, Marlin and Mossberg all made guns under the Western Auto Brand name. Colt even made a revolver under Western Auto, the model 880A-ECH. Since you specified hi power bolt action rifle, without more information I would guess the Savage model 340 or possibly the Savage 110. I am also fairly certain that there was a Mossberg center fire bolt action rifle made branded under Western Auto. Plus there are others. If you have the model number off of the barrel of your rifle it will help identify exactly which rifle you have.

Where can you find parts for a new haven model 880A 308 win?

Gun shop, gun show, e-gunparts

Wish to get Rosemount co analyser model 880A serviced of the same located near DELHI?

Control System Services Inc has all spares for model 880 and 880A including the luft detectors CO and CO2 as well as some exotics C3 H8 C2 H2 etc Also large inventory of working units 714 692 8074

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How old is a Western field model 880a ech 22lr and how to fine parts?

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