Who makes Scion cars?

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Scion is a marque of vehicles produced by Toyota Motor Corporation for the North American market. Scion was designed as a way to market Toyota to the youth demographic

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Q: Who makes Scion cars?
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Related questions

Who makes Toyota cars?

Toyota makes Toyota cars. Toyota also makes Scion and Lexus

What country manufactures scion cars?

japan scion is a division of Toyota

What is the average mileage on used Scion cars?

Average mileage on used scion car is 25000. They are good cars which are made by Toyota which actually owns this company and brand. Buy a scion for style and engine.

Who makes a scion?


How expensive are Scion tC cars?

Scion tC cars typically cost around $20,000 new. You can find dealers in your area online by visiting the official Cars website. Once on the site, you can enter in the model of the car you are looking for and your Zip Code or City.

What colors do used Scion cars come in?

Scion cars come in seven different colors, all neutrals. These seven colors are; black, cement, silver, grey, metallic blue, crimson mica, and white.

What company makes the Scion TC?

Toyota is the company that makes all Scion vehicles. They are manufactured in Tokyo as well as sold there, except for the TC, which is only available in America.

What is the average price of used scion cars?

Prices for Scion hybrids vary by seller , year , and condition a Scion in good used condition could cost five-thousand dollars , compared to a Scion with severe front end damage for about two-thousand dollars.

Who makes scion?

All scions are manufactured and licensed by Toyota .

Where could one find a used Scion?

A used Scion could be found at a used car dealer. This type of car could also be found for sale in a newspaper or on a website. There are a large number of Scion cars for sale.

What is higher trim in Toyota cars?

Toyota's High trim cars are Lexus line. Scion is their budget/entry level line.

What features come standard on Scion cars?

Scion cars come with airbags, electric windows,17 inch alloy wheels, cup holders and linen interior as standard. If a customer wants to get extra accesories 150 extras are available

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