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Who makes a 410 pistol?

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Smoothbore pistols are restricted in US. They are not banned, but they must be registered and a special tax must be paid when buying one.

However, there are pistols that will chamber .410 shotshells and .45LC pistol ammo. They typically have at least a short rifled section near the muzzle, or a fully rifled barrel, which allows them to be classified as regular handguns and therefore avoid the extra restrictions.

The most notable one is the Judge revolver from Taurus. There are also a few derringer-style pistols from several small manufacturers, like Cobray/Leinad.

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What Gun manufacturer makes a 5 shot 410 pistol?

Try Taurus

What is a colt 45 410 pistol worth?

Colt has never made a 45/410 pistol

Can you seeTaurus 410 caliber pistol pictures?

In their catalog

Taurus makes a pistol called the Judge that fires a 410 shotgun shell out of a 3 inch barre. Is this outlawed?

Depends on the laws where you are.

Does Leinad Make a single barrel 410 pistol?

Yes, it is a 410/45LC combo derringer, and runs about $80-$100.

410 tuck away pistol made in belgium?

chamber length

Can you shoot a 45 cal pistol cartage in a Winchester 94-410?

DO NOT DO THIS, you may cause injury to yourself or damage the weapon.

How much does a 410 pistol cost?

The Taurus Judge runs about $650 MSRP

What caliber pistol can you load and shoot in a 410?

None. While there are firearms made to shoot .45 Colt AND .410 shotshells, they are designed and made to do that. A regular .410 shotgun is NOT made to do that safely.

Is there such thing as a shotgun pistol?

Yes, one gun manufacturer at least built a two barrel derringer that was chambered for 410 rounds. While a 410 is relatively small, technically is is still a shotgun, and in a pistol as small as the derringer, firing it is a wrist-breaker.

What pistol cartrige is 410 gauge?

There have been several handguns made that fire .410 shotgun shells- most recently the Taurus Judge. By the way, .410 is actually a caliber of shotgun, not a gauge. A .410 shotshell is about 67 gauge- but no one uses that designation.

What is the Value of 410 pistol?

Which .410 pistol? There have been several. Perhaps the most current is the Taurus Judge revolver. These are currently for sale, and you should be able to get a price from most dealers. However, there have been earlier SMOOTHBORE .410 pistols, including the H&R Handy-gun (.410 smoothbore pistol w/ 10 inch bbl) and the .44 Gamegetter. These can be worth $500-$2000 depending on condition IF they have been registered with the BATFE and are transferable- they are Class III firearms, in the "Any Other Weapon" category.

What is a 410 fmj ducktown tn pistol ' shotgun worth?

$130.00 New in box.

How much is a used smith and Wesson pistol model 410 worth?

50-400 usd

What is the age of a J Stevens 410 break-top pistol with a 12 inch barrell?

your Stevens model 410 was made from 1939-1945 in the amount of 105,000.

Who makes western field marked wesern field 410?

Mr. Bean makes western field marked wesern field 410.

What is the value of a Brazilian made 410 snake charmer pistol stamped Boito on receiver Luko Inc on barrell with walnut forearm and pistol grip?

10-100 usd

What is the value of hibbard 410 pistol 100 years old or more?

50-100 USD depending on specifics

410 singel shot pistol?

You've made a statement and put a question mark at the end. You have not asked a question.

Can you still get a 410 gauge pistol called a snake getter?

I don't know, but you can certainly find a Taurus Judge.

Can you purchase a pistol grip to replace the stock on your 410 gauge snake charmer?

To my knowledge a pistol grip was never made for the Snake Charmer, I think it has something to do with it being considered a sawed off or something like that, If you wanted to put a pistol grip on it you'd have to shorten the barrel to pistol length. (Which you would have to do anyways to fire it like a pistol) I personally just cut the unwanted stock off, sawed the barrel shorter, and then fiber-glassed over the grip to smooth it out and make it comfortable. Instead of defacing your Snake Charmer, you really might be further ahead buying a Taurus .45/.410 or any of the Bond Arms derringers chambered in .410.

Value of 410 made by crescent firearms in 1900s stamped Number 54?

a 410 ga. shotgun pistol was made by crescent firearms and is very rare. however, regular shotguns do not have much value

Who makes western field 410 single shot?

Iver Johnson made some Westernfield matte rib 410's

What do you know about H R 410 choke pistol grip 12 barrel?

It it has a 12" barrel, it must be registered with the Federal Government.

Who makes JANine 9mm pistol?

Jiminez Arms