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Q: Who makes a 7 in 1 memory card reader with a built in screen that you can use in the field to examine and delete your pictures?
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Can I transfer pictures from my computer to my memory card using a memory card reader?

You often can only offload pictures to your computer using a memory card reader, unfortunately.

How do you load pictures into your computer from a memory card?

You should get a memory card reader.

How can you recover pictures from card reader?

Card reader itself does not contain any memory, so the answer is NO. If you mean the card reader with memory card inside, then the answer is YES.

What do you do when your Kodak camera memory card is full?

You can do a couple of things....Take the memory card out and copy the files to your computer by using a memory card reader that you can buy at computer stores or online. (relatively cheap for all they can do for you.)Delete the pictures directly from the camera.Print the pictures from your Kodak Dock and then delete the pictures.The best way to keep your pictures is #1. Once the pictures are on your computer, you can upload them to websites, order prints of them, print them out yourself, edit them in a photo editor like Photoshop, or save them to an album on your computer.Hope this helps!

How do you transfer pictures from a digital memory card to another digital memory card?

You will need to buy a memory card reader

What do you need to use to transfer pictures from a SDHD memory card to a laptop?

You will need an SDHD card reader to transfer pictures from an SDHD memory card to a laptop.

How do you transfer pictures from your laptop through your usb to your memory card?

using card reader

How do you load pictures onto a memory card without an external memory card reader?

Without a port to attach the memory card to, you won't be able to.

Which memory card reader is the fastest at transferring lots of digital pictures?

The WOLVERINE DATA FlashPac 7-in-1 Memory Card Reader is good for that. It is a bit on the pricey side and can run you around $160.

Is it better to transfer digital pictures using a camera or a memory card reader?

It's better to transfer digital pictures using a memory card. The memory card can allow you to transfer them to multiple computers and can easily be kept to use at anytime.

How can you erase a picture from the camera when the camera has no baterry?

Connect to a computer with an USA cable and use the camera memory as a storage disk. You will be able to view and delete photos. Or take out the memory card and put in your computer or a memory card reader. Very easy to delete photos.

How do you delete books from Sony reader?

To delete a book from the Sony Reader you have to choose the book you want to delete press the options button (on the reader itself not the screen) and select the option that says "delete book."

How can you retrieve formatted pictures from SD 2GB memory card?

Was the memory card formatted or were the pictures just deleted? Us ally after a format its all history. But if you are lucky, you can take the memory card out and put in a memory card reader and hook it up to a PC. Download a photo recovery software.

How do you Format NGAGE QD phone memory?

Just drop in your memory card settings and you could able to format it. Or by, insert your emory card to a memory reader then open your file on my comp. and just delete all of them.

Can you transfer pictures to a digital memory card from your computer?

Yes, if your computer has a memory card reader that your particular memory card will fit into and work with. The card reader will allow your computer to read and write to the memory card as though it were any other disk drive, and you can even use the same Windows Explorer to do so.

How do i get adobe reader off my short cuts?

Right Click On Adobe Reader>Delete Shortcut Or Delete.

What is a memory card writer for digital pictures?

An integrated memory card reader is something that is located inside a particular product that is able to read and use a memory card, without an external means of use.

How do you transfer pictures from the computer onto a memory card?

At least, we should have a card reader that support your memory card type. Attach the card reader to the PC through USB connection and you will see your memory card on "My Computer" windows. Consider it as one of your hard disk drives and you can use it easily.

What provides slots for memory cards and can be an internal or external device?

media reader/ card reader/ memory card, reader or writer

Do you have to use a card reader with the Sandisk 16 GB Ultra II SD Memory Card or can you read it straight off your Camera by usb?

You can always load your pictures directly to your computer using a USB cable rather than a memory card reader.

Want to use memory card to upload pictures to computer?

You have to have the link cable from the camera to the computer, or have a card reader linked to the computer. Many computers now have a SD card reader built-in.

How do you delete tax forms from Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0?

Acrobat Reader is used to open the documents; they are not in it. To delete the files, right-click the file and select Delete.

How do you download pictures from a computer to a Memory Card?

If you are using a laptop computer with an inbuilt card reader, just insert your SD card & you will be able to see the card memory in your 'My Computer'. 1. You can copy the pictures by selecting & Ctrl+C & then Right-click --> Send To--> <SD Card> 2. Or after copying the picture, double-click on the SD Card icon in your 'My Computer' screen & paste the pictures by Ctrl+V. If you have a desktop computer, you will need a 'Card Reader', to read your SD Card's memory.

How do I load pictures from digital camera onto computer by using a card reader so they can be uploaded and sent?

Remove memory card from camera, and insert into card reader. Plug card reader into vacant USB port. Open the memory card's folder. Drag & drop the images you want to the place on the computer you want them to go.

Can you put pictures and movies to watch on an E-reader?

You can put pictures but not movies so far as I know.