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Q: Who makes better pool equipment Pentair or Hayward?
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What makes or models of pool heaters are the most energy-efficient?

The most energy efficient pool heaters are solar heaters. You can find solar pool heaters made by Vortex, SunHeater and EcoSun amnong other companies. For non-solar powered you will want to check out pool heaters by Hayward and Pentair.

What makes a high school boy better equipped to play football?

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What is the best brand of pool pump made?

Many observers believe that Pentair makes the best pool pumps. Their IntelliFlo model is a among the best.

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What is the best 3 gas pool heaters on the market?

the three best pool heaters on the market depend on what your looking for. Pentair's best product is the master temp. Its a very good product, efficient, small in size however it is more expensive than others. If you want a Raypack heater, go with the electronic model. Raypack's millivolt heaters are notorious for having the same problems. Pentair also makes the minimax ch wich is easy to service however also is notorious for having problems with its millivolt models. The only pool heater that i have come accross wich involves the least service call is def the pentair master temp. You get what you pay for

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What makes a hayward pool crawler go in a circle?

If one side is worn down so that the legs are not moving equally, it will go in a cirle.

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yes teacher makes adoptive equipment decision

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Which brand generally makes the best pool salt chlorinator?

Who builds the best car? It's tough to make the call, and if you ask 5 people you are likely to get at least 4 different answers. I've been selling the Jandy Aqua Pure systems since they came on the market and had few issues. That said I've also sold the Pentair InteliChlor, Hayward Aqua Rite. Both for not as long as the Jandy unit AND both with as few problems. Each are a bit different, you have to see the advantages of all and compare that to your needs. Some integrate with different control systems better, some have more flexable plumbing options. Local availibility of the systems and thir parts is also somthing you should think about.

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