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Who makes iPhone?

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Apple Products and manufacturing in California.

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What company makes it iPhone?

Apple makes the iPhone and it is available from AT&T

What is the name of the company that makes the iPhone?

Apple makes the iphone as well as the iPad and iPod.

Who make the iPhone?

The company Apple (AAPL) makes the iPhone.

Who makes most of the apps for the iPhone?

apple create the apps on iPhone

Who makes the iPhone battery?


Who makes the iPhone?

Apple makes about 3% of an iphone Other 97% is made by Intel, Broadcom, Aphenol, Sanyo Electic, Foxconn, LG....

Does the new Iphone 5 come in silver?

The iPhone 5 comes in silver. Apple however no longer makes the iPhone 5.

What company makes the iphone?

Apple Computer

Which company makes the iPhone?

Apple Computer

What is the name of the company who makes the iPhone?


Who makes the most iPhone apps?


Does iPhone cost if in airplane mode?

no, airplane mode pretty much makes the iphone a itouch

What are the iPhone brands?

The iPhone is made by Apple Inc. Apple is the only company that makes iPhones.

Is iPhone 2g an Android phone?

No it is not. Apple makes the Iphone so it uses Apple software.

Why does iPhone jump to huge display?

The iphone jumps to huge display for selling purposes. This is how it makes money.

What is the impact of the iPhone on society?

Makes people have no life.

Which company makes the iphone 4?

Apple Inc.

How much will it cost to upgrade an iPhone 3g to an iPhone OS?

The question makes no sense, there is not "iPhone OS" model of iPhone. Assuming you are referring to getting the new operating system (OS) on your iPhone 3G, it is a free download.

For the Commcenter for the Iphone is there a new patch or a way to fix it?

There is a Commcenter patch for iOS 5+ available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. This makes it possible for the user to edit the carrier.plist.

Who makes the iPhone 3GS?

Well this is an easy one Apple!

Can sim cards be transferred to a non iPhone from an iPhone?

Yes. That is the only thing that makes AT&T's network worth it in the end.

Is the iPhone 4S glass?

Yes the front and back side of the iPhone 4s is glass. This makes it very easy to break.

Can you get directions from a iPhone?

Yes. The iPhone has a built-in Maps application that integrates with Google Maps. It also has a built-in GPS on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS models that makes getting directions easier and more accurate.

Where was the iPhone 4 invented?

All the iPhones are created and invented by Apple....'iPhone' is the brandname and the copyright of other company makes it...

What does an LCD do in iPhone?

It makes the iPhone apps move slower, if you break or crack your Lcd you might not even be able to open the apps on the iPhone or if it was a small damage maybe it continuously crashes.