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Pharmaceutical drugs are made by several different pharmaceutical companies. (E.g. Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson)

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Q: Who makes pharmaceutical drugs?
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How do you spell pharmaceutical?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "pharmaceutical" (refers to drugs or medicines).

What do you call a doctor whom makes medicine?

Pharmacologist is the person who makes pharmaceutical drugs for humans . A pharmacist assures that the prescription drugs are correct as prescribed as well as assures that the proper dosage is dispensed from the pharmacy .

What do you need to order pharmaceutical drugs?

a prescription

Who makes drugs?

Hundreds of pharmaceutical companies around the world manufacture medications. Also, thousands of individuals and illegal groups are involved in the manufacture of illegal drugs, as well.

Applications of organic chemistry in pharmacy?

99% of pharmaceutical drugs are organic drugs

What is a pharmaceutical job?

someone who sells legal drugs.

How many people have died from pharmaceutical drugs in the United States?

About 100,000 people die from pharmaceutical drugs according to New York Times writer Melody Petersen.

What pharmaceutical company makes Lexapro?

what company makes lexapro

Which two scientific disciplines are bridged by pharmaceutical drugs?

chemistry and medicine

What country uses the most pharmaceutical drugs per capita?


Drugs that cannot be taken with alcohol?

Consult the label on our pharmaceutical container.

Who makes antibiotics?

Pharmaceutical companies make them.

Which pharmaceutical co makes losartan?


Where are drugs produced laboratory or doctor's office?

Drugs are produced by a pharmaceutical company which uses laboratories to develop the medication.

Is license required to sell distribute pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies?


Why is only rich people know about the best pharmaceutical drugs?

cuz there rich & have $$.

What is made in Japan that begins with D?

Drugs are manufactured in Japan by the pharmaceutical industry.

What pharmaceutical company makes combivent?

Boehringer Ingelheim

Who makes medicines?

Medicines are made by pharmaceutical companies.

What has the author Bruna Teso written?

Bruna Teso has written: 'The pharmaceutical industry' -- subject(s): Pharmaceutical industry, Drugs, Technological innovations, Research

What has the author Wyndham Davies written?

Wyndham Davies has written: 'The Pharmaceutical industry: a personal study' -- subject(s): Drugs, Pharmaceutical industry, Prices

What is the difference between pharmaceutical science and pharmacy administration?

pharmacutics manufacture drugs while pharmacist prescribe (give) drugs to patient

What does pharmaceutical mean?

Pharmaceuticals is an industry where groups of people or people develop and manufacture drugs.

How do pharmaceuticals work?

Pharmaceutical companies perform research on drugs and manufacture drugs which are approved. They then have drug reps visit doctors and medical facilities to market the drugs they manufacture.

Is pharmaceutical chemistry equivalent to chemistry?

Pharmaceutical chemistry is the part of chemistry which deals with drugs, that is chemicals which affect the way the body works, such as painkillers and anti-inflammatories.