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The answer, is in the catagorey. Microsoft.

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Who is the manufacturer of Xbox 360 and PS3?

Sony makes PlayStation 3 Microsoft makes Xbox 360

Who makes Xbox?

Xbox was created by Microsoft.Xbox was created by Microsoft.Xbox was created by Microsoft.Xbox was created by Microsoft.Xbox was created by Microsoft.Xbox was created by Microsoft.

Does Sony make Xbox or does Microsoft?

Microsoft makes the Xbox 360 and stopped making the Xbox. Sony makes The Playstation 3 and made all other Playstation models

Did Microsoft make the Xbox 360?

Yes, Microsoft makes the Xbox 360.

Who makes Xbox live?

Xbox Live has been created by Microsoft cooperation.

Do Apple make PlayStations iPod Xbox?

Microsoft makes the Xbox Sony makes the PS3 and all other Playstation Models

Where are Xbox 360 made?

There are many factories around the world which makes the Xbox 360.

Do you need the Internet to play xbox live with a xbox 360 slim?

there is no such thing as an xbox 360 slim and everyone console xbox makes will need internet connection for xbox live

Xbox is stolen?

That question makes no sense.

Where can you find a modchip for Xbox?

Ebay. But it requires opening up your xbox which voids your warranty and xbox will no longer service you. And it makes you a cheater.

Where do they make Xbox 360 at?

There are different factories around the world which makes Xbox 360's.

Who makes the Xbox 360 and where is it made?

Xbox 360 is owned by micro soft Same as pc

How do you make an XBox 360 in Little Alchemy?

House+computer makes an XBox 360 on Little Alchemy.

What company makes XBox?

Microsoft see in the categories?

Is Xbox by Nintendo?

no it is not. Microsoft makes x box

Who makes the Xbox Kinect?

The Kinect is made by Microsoft.

Who made the PS3 console?

Sony makes PS3Microsoft makes Xbox 360and Nintendo makes Wii.

Does Xbox 360 make Littlebigplanet?

No. Little big planet is only on the PS3 beacause its made by sony computer ent. Sony makes the PS3 micorsoft makes xbox

What country makes xbox?

US but they get parts from other countries.

Is xbox 360 and PS3 the same?

No. Microsoft makes the xbox 360 and sony makes the PS3. The PS3 has a bluejay drive and the 360 does not. PS4 is better spec wise but the 360 has a better community.

Would your rather get a Xbox elite or Xbox pro?

I would get an elite, more memory and a different color. Makes you feel unique.

Which is made by Apple PlayStation iPod or Xbox?

Apple makes the iPod. The PlayStation is made by Sony, while the Xbox is made by Microsoft.

Will Sony make a xbox 720?

No Sony makes Playstation Products

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