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Marshall. CRATE, Line 6 maybe fender

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What is the best guitar amp simulator for PC?

Currently Guitar Rig4,Overloud TH1 and Amplitube 3 are the most advanced and best sounding guitar amp simulations for PC

What is the best amp for a beginner guitar player?

The Behringer GMX210 True Analog Modeling 60W Guitar Amp ia a good starter amp.

What is the best guitar tube amp?

The best guitar tube amp is debatable and will vary by people's own tastes. However, you if you are looking for the best value, you will want to try Bugera amps.

What is the best guitar amp at the best price?

I started guitar awhile ago and bought a cheap ($69.50) VOX 5watt amp. I've been playing guitar for 3 yrs and i still like it.

Where can one purchase a bass guitar combo amp?

There are many places where one could purchase a bass guitar combo amp. The best places where one could purchase a bass guitar combo amp would be places like Amazon and Best Buy.

What is the world's best guitar?

There is no best guitar but the one with the best overal tone is the robot les paul with a half stack amp

What is the best budget guitar speaker?

I assume you mean guitar amp. The Fender "Blues Junior" is a small amp that gets consistently good reviews.

Who makes the best Les Paul guitar?

Gibson makes the best Les Paul guitar by far.

Will playing a bass guitar through a guitar amp for gigging and practice damage my guitar amp?

Possibly. In my experience the bass will not work through a guitar amp?

Why does your guitar amp not work?

you might need a guitar amp first

Best electric guitar amp?

This is a highly subjective question. Many might say Marshalls as they have become somewhat of an industry standard. Amp conoisseurs might lean towards boutique amps, such as Budha, Splawn, Soldano, Engl or Framus. Realistically the best electric guitar amp is what sounds the best to you. If there was a single "best amp" everyone would be using it.

What is the best guitar for a teen?

Something cheap, like a Squire or an Epiphone. Schecter makes a good, cheap guitar for a couple hundred. Go to Craig's List and find one with an amp for $100 or less.

What is the difference between an electric guitar to a acoustic guitar?

one has an amp jack and can change the sound it makes and one doesn't and can't

Can you play a bass guitar on a guitar amp?

yes you can, but its not advisable as a guitar amp is not ment to play the lower frequencies that a bass produces, due to this the guitar amp can become perminantly damaged. I advise against doing it, but if you do its probably best not to turn the amp up too loud. +++ The amplifier should cope with it. It is the loudspeakers and matching that you need to worry about. A big difference!

Can you play and electric acoustic guitar without an Amp?

Yes you can play any type of guitar without an Amp the amp only amplifies the sound or makes it louder. In the case of an electro-acoustic (an acoustic guitar with a piezo pickup under the bridge) the instrument should sound like any other acoustic guitar unplugged.

Where can you buy guitar Amp Heads?

Guitar amp heads can be bought at your local music supply store as well as online. Sites online include eBay and Nextag. Make sure to shop around for the best deal prior to buying an Amp head for your guitar.

Can you plug the shure pg48 microphone into a guitar amp?

You can plug any microphone into a guitar amp, but to get the best performance, you should use an impedance matching transformer such as a Shure A95UF.

How much does a amp cost?

Guitar amp?? or TV amp? Guitar amp would be around 700 to 1000$ on cheap bedroom amps...

Can you play an electric bass through a guitar amp?

No--because the sound vibrations are longer on a bass than on a guitar, playing an electric bass on a guitar amp will blow the amp. You can play a guitar through a bass amp, though.

Do amp heads act as amps for guitars?

They can but youll need a speaker, best thing is an amp head designed for guitar.

Best country music fender amp for country music?

The best amp for country music or any other type of music is the one you feel sounds best with your guitar...

Do you need an amp on an electric guitar?

No, you can play without the amp but it definitely makes it louder, it can also add some effects that you can't really do without it.

What do you plug a microphone into?

You can usually plug a microphone into a guitar amp but it cant be a practice guitar amp.

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