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Don't trust anyone who tells you a certain brand is best, or gives you best water clarity, etc... All saltwater systems do the same thing, produce pure chlorine sanitzer (Hypochlorus acid) from the small amount of salt in the water.

The difference between brands is primarily how much chlorine it is able to produce in a day: its output. Don't buy a system unluss you know how many lbs/day of chlorine it makes. Most municipalites look for at least 0.04 lbs/day PER THOUSAND GALLONS. Don't buy a system unless you know how many lbs/day of chlorine it is capable of producing, or you may find yourself lacking sanitation capabilies.

The next biggest difference is a salt system's longevity and warranty. The electrolytic cell will wear out. If you have to replace a cell every three years, like some brands, you won't save very much money. There are brands that last 5, 6, 7 years or more.

There aren't many sites out there that do product reviews or comparisons for saltwater pool systems (or salt water chlorine generators, saltwater chlorinators, electronic chlorine generators, whatever you want to call them). I have only seen two sites that have information on ALL brands, and one with product comparisons, they are:

this question is the same as which saltwater pool system is the best?

Magnablu. this is a new system that uses magnesium chloride and potassium chloride rather then the sodium chloride that is presently being used. These salts are good for you and your garden as opposed to the old system. see link below

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Does anyone have a preference for a particular system for no chlorine pools?

SoftSwim from BioGuard is the best system out there for No-Chlorine pools.

Are saltwater pools safer than ozone pools?

Salt water pools are chlorine pools The salt water goes through a chlorine generator where the chlorine is made using the salt in the water. Both chlorine and ozone are powerful oxidants. To the best of my knowledge Ozone is less irritating to the eyes of the swimmer but is harder on the fitting and equipment in the water. A properly balanced salt water pool is more pleasant to swim in then a fresh water pool. and if you use the new salt water system magnablu, That uses Magnesium and Potassium chloride instead of the standard sodium chloride it is actually good for you.

What is the best time to change the swimming pools water?

If there is something so wrong with it that you can not correct it.

What is the best salt chlorinator system for swimming pools?

Magnablu This is in my opinion the best salt water chlorinator available I have seen one operating for over a year now and have never seen the pool as clean and trouble free. The system is based on magnesium and potassium chloride instead of the sodium chloride that is normally used in swimming pools. sodium chloride Magnesium and potassium chloride are actually good for you physically and the backwash water is good for the garden. Swimmers that use the pol report that the water feels better and leaves them feeling better then the old system did.

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Do saltwater swimming pools produce the same asthma symptoms as chlorine pools do?

To answer this question, you must first understand how salt water pools work. The salt in the water is NaCl or Sodium-Chloride. Every salt water pool has a "Chlorine Generator". The Chlorine generator.. you guessed it... generates chlorine and leaves sodium as the bi-product. If someone has a sensitivity to Chlorine even this option wouldn't be best.If I were to have a suggestion it would be to try ozone as a sanitizer. An ozone system only uses oxygen. Oxygen and Water are the bi-product of this process.Another suggestion would be to have a bromine system. This system also is Chlorine free however uses Bromine, a more volatile chemical.

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How does skimmer pool circulate water?

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How do swimming pools filter the water?

The usual method is by forcing the water through a membrane that has very fine perforations that do not allow particles over a certain size through. or the water is forced through sand where the same principle applies there is also a system where a combination of a membrane and diatamatious earth is use to filter the water which while being the most troublesome gives the best results.

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Which is the best Bioguard or chlorine for swimming pools?

Magnablu by poolrite

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What is the best method of water treatment for large swimming pools?

Chemical treatent ould be the best method for treating a large swimming pool. I woud suggest hirnig a professional to make sure the balance is correct. The best method of water treatment for large swimming pools is by use of chemicals. Chemicals can soften water, prevent hard water problems, as well as kill certain organisms and prevent harm to humans. Cholrine is the most popular chemical of choice for treatment but you can use different chemicals to combat specific problems.