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They were called "Over-seers" and were always male. More often then not they let the power go to their head and could be extremely cruel. They were paid good wages by the plantation owners. The Over-seers job was to be sure slaves worked hard and none escaped and if any slaves escaped the Over-seer usually set the dogs on them (most were caught) and often whipped into submission. The Over-Seers who came across a slave that was what they called a "runner" would be branded with a large "R" indicating this and sometimes not whipped. The reasons for this is the plantation owner usually wanted to sell a good, strong male slave on the market and didn't want any whip marks on their backs (lowering the price.) this answer is completely true i actually studied it in social studies!!!!! so dont say its no cause it iss!!!!!

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Q: Who managed the slaves on large plantations?
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