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I believe it is made by Marlin model 57M also the Enfield 57M is the same gun as well, at least this is what my research is showing.

Mine is a 22 mag and I am very happy with it, it works fine just like a Marlin.

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Seems like I remember seeing that Marlin mfred it.

The j.c. higgins model 103.228 was made in the early 1950s. Most likely in 1950 as the 103.229 model was made in 1951.

22 rifle made by J.C Higgins Model 31 sold by sears what is it worth

Sears Roebuck & Co sold the model 43-103.19811 , .22 cal , rimfire , SL / LR , tube feed , bolt action - the rifle was manufactured by Marlin Firearms Co.

Made by Marlin from 1962-1965. We have some parts for that model.

The JC Higgins model 103 (and there were a lot of different model 103's like the 103.19791, 103.19801, 103.19810, etc, etc) were all different models of Marlin. The Western Auto Revelations were their model 105-2060 which was also a Marlin model 80. To answer your question - maybe. Try it out.

where can you get a bolt and clip for jc Higgins 22cal model42-103

I am very versed in Winchester firearms,and I have never heard of the ranger model 103-2 before.I you sure that your 22cal rifle is a Winchester.

The J C Higgins model 41 /103 19770 Was made by Marlin Firearms.1959 .103 is the Sears vendor code for Marlin .The model 41 is the same as the the Marlin Glenfield model 10. These are very nice little rifles that are well known for accuracy.

Most of thses were made by Marlin under there Model 80 series

The Gambles 103 is a Savage 30.

I believe your rifle is a Marlin Model 80 made for Sears.

Its probably a marlin model 80,some were also made by winchester.

The model 41 was made by Marlin it was a Glenfield model10 103 is the sears vender code for Marlin Try Numrich arms in West Hurley NY lists most parts for this rifle

Model 103-16This rifle was made by The Marlin Firearms company. It is a marlin 80 . 22 cal rifle. Depending on condition it is worth between 50-100 dollars. I have a 16 ga. JC Higgins 103-360 O/U shotgun made in 1957. Brophy, in his book on Marlin Firearms published in 1989 by Stackpole Books, lists the 103-360 as the same gun as a 16 ga. Marlin Model 90DT O/U shotgun. In that same listing on page 414, Brophy lists the 103-16 as a 16 ga. Marlin Model 90DT.Current value depends on its condition. According to Brophy, Marlin only supplied the 16 ga. JC Higgins O/U's with 28" barrels that were generally choked Mod/Full. 16 ga. Model 90DT's in good condition are selling for $400 and up on Internet auction sites like Gunbroker. Model 90's with 26" barrels generally choked IC/Mod tend to bring more as do Model 90ST's.

I've been told that this rifle may be the same as some Marlin .22 rifles. Maybe you can cross reference. I have a Higgins 103 16 .22cal which I was told is the same as a Marlin 80AnswerIknow that the model 31 is made by High Standard. I think the model 30 is also. AnswerLook up Numrich gun parts. AnswerGo to they have the manual for the Model 30 and more.scanner

Made by Marlin....same as the Marlin Model 80

The Ranger model 103-8 is a Sears rifle that was made between 1936 and 1941. The gun generally has a horse or horse head etched or stamped on it.

Just purchased a Model 83 from a gentleman who states that he bought it new originally in 1940, when he was about 9 or 10 at the time. Introduced in 1935 and dropped from production in 1939. The Stevens Springfield rifle was also made for Sears's and was called the Ranger model 103 and there was also a model made for J.C. Higgins They sold for about $25.00

Take it to a gunsmith for proper identification. Marlin made a Ranger model 103 over and under. Sears Ranger 103 O/U was the Marlin Model 90 O/U. Sears sold them under the Ranger name prior to WWII and as the JC Higgins after WWII.

According to S.P. Fjestad, 1996 issue, the Marlin Model 81 was made from 1937 to 1940. In another answer on this site it lists the Model 43-103-2850 22 cal. as having been made by Marlin, Model 81.

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