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I can't find any Western Field Deluxe models in my lists, but M60, M61, S861, SB66, SB60A, and SB067 are all Savage 620 Deluxe or Savage 621 Deluxe models. That gun is the Lefever Nitro Special which was owned by Ithaca at time of mfg. My 12 GA has 2 ivory beads and get this--a rosewood stock. Special made gun for somebody. If you go to http.// you will be able to cross reference from house name to manufactured name then go to websitehttp.// and you should be able to search by manufacture name and model # to findout years ffirearm was made.

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Q: Who manufactured Montgomery Ward Western Field Deluxe shotguns?
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Was Montgomery Ward Western Field Deluxe shotgun made by Ithaca?

Ithaca did not make any Wards Western Field Shotguns. Most were made by Stevens/Savage or Mossberg.Western Field, the Montgomery Ward brand name, should not be confused with Western Arms Company, a division of Ithaca that made shotguns that appear identical to Ithaca's Lefever Nitro Special from 1929 to 1946.

What is the age and value of wards western field deluxe model 60 16 gauge?

your Western field model 60 shotgun was made by savage for Montgomery Wards.The Savage model 620A is the model designation for your shotgun.If you go to savage,s web site you should be able to find the date these shotguns were made.

What is the value of a Montgomery ward western field deluxe 16 gauge mod50 sn 9853?

$200-$300 in great shape.

Who manufactured the 16 gauge Wards Western Field Deluxe 530A double barrel shotgun?

I would guess it was made by Stevens.

Who makes Montgomery Wards western field deluxe model 50 shotgun?

Iver Johnson made that shotgun along with some of the same type for Sears Roebuck

What is the history of western field - deluxe Montgomery wards co 12ga double barrle shotgun has 16668 stamped in several locations but cannot tell what the model number is?

Lefever Nitro Special made by Ithaca. Montgomery Ward just put their name on it.

Where can you find information on a Montgomery Wards Western Field Deluxe 12 gauge shotgun?

Need more information. Look for a model number imprinted on the barrel or receiver. Or, send digital pictures.

What are facts about Montgomery Ward and Co Western Field Deluxe shotguns?

Western Field Model 60 is listed in my cross-reference list as a Savage 620A. But I can't find that Savage model in any of my books. Can you describe it a bit more - single shot, double barrel, pump, bolt action, semi-automatic? Most homeowner's insurance will not need any special coverage for a few thousand dollars worth of firearms, and any Montgomery Ward will be less than a few hundred. Anonymous - I won't say Ithaca NEVER made any Montgomery Wards guns, but there are none in my list. Give a little more description and I may be able to ID it.

When was your western field deluxe pump 16ga mod 60?

your Western field model 60 shotgun was made by Savage arms for Montgomery Wards(western Field).The Savage model 620A and your shotgun are one and the same.If you go to Savage arms home page,they may be able to say when the model 620A shotgun was produced.

What maufacturer makes sport deluxe 20gauge shotguns?

High Standard manufacturing Corp. made these around 1969 through about 1975or 6

Do you have any information about the Savage 6D Deluxe?

The Savage 6D Deluxe is a .22 caliber semi automatic rifle. It has a 24 inch barrel length and was manufactured between 1945 and 1968.

How old is wards western field deluxe model sb 60a?

sb 60a

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