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Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works and J. Stevens Arms. It could be from Simonis, Janssen, Dumouliln and Co. if it is marked 'Machine Made Belgium Damascus Finish'.

Some were made by Harrington & Richardson.

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About half a dozen companies made shotguns for Montgomery Wards through most of the 20th century.

when was the model 10 hercules 410 shot gun manufactured

The guns Hercules guns made by Stevens and sold by Wards were made around 1910 to 1940

Serial numbers were not required on rifles and shotguns until 1968.

Manufactured by Iver Johnson or J. Stevens for Montgomery Wards.

Wards sold single shot and double barrel IJ shotguns under the tradename of Hercules.

The Hercules Model 10 is actually a Stevens model 94. The model 94 was manufactured between 1926 and 1945.

You can find store brand charts in the Blue Book of Gun Values

Your wards Westernfield model 30 was made for Montgomery Wards by the stevens Firearm company.The Stevens model 520 and yours are the same firearm.These shotguns were made from 1936-1942.

We cant verify the SD108 model number, however: The "Hercules" was the trade name used by the Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works on shotguns made for the Montgomery Ward Co. Of Chicago. The "Hercules" made for Wards was a copy of the Iver Johnson "Champion" model which is a single shot shotgun with exposed hammer. They were made between 1909 and 1956.

Since Wards didn't make shotguns, but sold shotguns manufactured by other companies, you first need to identify the manufacturer. Get a gun values book and look at the Mossberg, Savage, and Noble shotguns. All of those companies sold shotguns to Wards. When you determine the correct manufacturer and model number, write back and we'll tell you where to go to get parts. check your model number again, is it possible the shotgun is a 24M? if so, it is made by Mossberg and is designated a Model 9. Most parts are available through Numrich at

Manufactured by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.

Manufactured by Stevens Arms, 1931-1941. Montgomery Wards. Hercules was just their name for this model.

I have a Wards Hercules 16ga model 10. Mine is in excellent condition and only worth $150.00. For that it worth just hanging on to.

A Wards Western Field Model 41 is a 22-caliber rifle. It was actually manufactured by Mossberg, but intended for Wards. Manufacturing took place primarily from 1935 to 1939.

Side-by-side shotguns are still manufactured.

Charles Daly's current line of shotguns are manufactured by K.B.I. in Turkey: In the past, Charles Daly has sold shotguns manufactured by Miroku of Japan. But current production shotguns are Turkish.

in the sameplant as berrettas

The value depends mostly on condition and what the gun actually is. Wards sold guns which were manufactured by several companies and generally sold the cheaper "plain Jane" versions. Their used value is not more than a few hundred dollars down.

Savage Fire Arms Company for Montgomery Wards

Your shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards by the Savage arms Company.The Savage Model 620A and your Model 60-sb620 are the same shotgun.These Savage model 620A shotguns were made from 1926-1945.There were 66,500 shotguns made during this time span.

Excel was a trade name used by HD Folsom Arms and Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works on shotguns made for Montgomery Wards.

Mossberg made the Wards model 550cd. In fact, they made all of the 500 series shotguns sold by Wards. lcj

Huglu and Remington come to mind

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