Who manufactured the Perazzi MX8?


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2004-01-20 19:11:19
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Judging by your serial number your MX-8 was probably built about 1969. The MX-8 was concieved and built for the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. Yours is probably a Type Two, which refers to the forend iron. I think Perazzi is currently building the type 4.


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Perazzi was created in 1957.

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Check with Giacomo Sporting USA, Inc. 6234 Stokes Lee Center Rd.Lee Center, NY 13363Phone: 315.336.1356Fax: 315.336.0260Email

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The Perazzi DB81 was produced in 1981 for the well known trap shooter Dan Bonillas,hence the designation DB81. Ivor Dadswell.

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1. Mx8 lightweight assult riffle 2. snipperriffle 3. and that's all i can think of.

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