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The measurement of the planet's weight is derived from the gravitational attraction that the Earth has for objects near it.
To make their measurements, the researchers are using a device called a torsion balance. This records nearly imperceptible accelerations from the gravitational effects of four eight-kilogram stainless steel balls on a gold-coated Pyrex plate about the size of a matchbox but just 1.5 millimetres thick. The device, operating inside an old cyclotron hall in the UW nuclear physics laboratory, is similar to one used 200 years ago to make the first measurement. But it is computer controlled and contains numerous mechanical refinements that make the more precise measurement possible. Hope this helps!

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Q: Who measured the weight of the Earth?
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How is Weight and newtons related?

The force F is measured in newtons. The mass is measured in kilograms. Weight is usually measured on Earth, where 1 newton is nearly 0.102 kilogram.

What is measured by the pull of gravity on an object?

Weight (on Earth) or Mass (everyplace else)

How can weight be measured?

Weight can be measured on a scale.

What is the weight of an object measured with?

Weight is measured with a set of scales or a balance, whether electronic or analogue. The weight of an object is different to its mass. The weight is in relation to the gravitational pull so alters at different places in the universe (and earth slightly) so things weigh less on the moon but they have the same mass. Mass is measured in grams etc whereas weight should be measured in Newtons.

What is weight measured in Europe?

In Europe, weight is measured in Kilograms.

Why is the mass of an object the same on the moon as it isn on earth but the objects weight different?

Because mass is conserved, which means it stays the same wherever the object goes. The weight is the force that the Earth attracts the object with, which changes when the object goes away from the Earth. Mass is measured by a balance, a pair of scales, where one mass is compared with another. Weight is measured by a spring balance, where the force of attraction by the Earth is measured by how much it extends a spring.

What property allows objects to be subject to gravity?

it would be the weight. mass is how much of an object there is, but weight is measured by gravitational pull. If you measure mass on the moon it'd be the same as on earth, but if you measured weight there, it would be much different.

Can you Compare the changes in the weight of a ball with the changes in the ball's mass as the height of the ball above Earth's surface increases?

Mass and Weight The gravitational force Earth exerts on an object is the weight of the object. Because weight is a force, it is measured in newtons. Weight is not the same as mass. Mass is the amount of matter an object contains, and is measured in kilograms. Even if the mass of an object doesn't change, its weight will change if its distance from Earth changes

What is earth measured by?

earth is measured by miles and the map is measured by inches.!

SI measure of force and weight?

Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.

Can weight be measured in newtons?

No, weight isn't measured in newtons. Force is measured in newtons. Weight is a measure of gravitational force.

Why are people measured in weight not mass?

because people always are weight on earth. that's the reason is that a person to pay attention to crime.

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