Who minted 1901 five dollar gold coins?

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What is the value of a gold 1901 five piece coin?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI assume you mean a 5 dollar piece. It should have a picture of Miss Liberty on one side, and eagle on the other, and be about the diameter of a nickel but heavier. \n. \nThe value of many gold coins is now determined as much by their metal content as their numism ( Full Answer )

What is the value of 2007 dollar gold coin with minting error?

Answer . \nIf you are referring to the Presidential dollars that were issued without edge lettering, a fair retail price might be $30 to $40, although I'm sure people are selling them for more on eBay.\n. \nFWIW, as I assume you know, these coins do not actually contain gold. They're struck in ( Full Answer )

How much is a gold five dollar coin?

More information is needed. Please post a new question indicating the coin's date and mint mark, if there is one. Also, note how much wear the coin shows. All of these factors affect a coin's value.

How much is a 1901 2.5 dollar gold coin worth?

$150 to $200 depending on condition. More: According to USA Coin Book, in 1901, the Coronet Head $2.50 Gold Quarter Eagle was minted in Philadelphia only. In very fine condition, this coin is worth about $180 up to about $360 in MS60 mint condition. In MS63 choice uncirculated grade, this coin ( Full Answer )

How much a 1901 20 dollar gold coin worth?

If it is a graded coin by PCGS or NGC its value can be found by going to the PCGS website( just google to find) grade and serial # will be listed and of course better the grade, better the value example a pcgs rated MS-64 1901 20$ gold is valued today at 3250.00. More: The type of coin minted ( Full Answer )

Is there a Five dollar 1911 gold coins?

In 1911, the US Mint produced Indian Head $5 Half Eagle gold coins. If you have a 1911 coin, its value in extra-fine condition (EF40) is: $425.00.

How much is a 1901 eplurirus gold dollar coin worth?

Silver, not gold. E Pluribus Unum, not "eplurius" (check the spelling on the coin) Plus, ALL coins have that motto so it doesn't help to ID a particular item. Presumably it IS a dollar coin, at least. In that case the gold color is because it was plated for use in jewelry or similar. That woul ( Full Answer )

Where is the mint mark on a US 20 dollar gold coin?

The US made 2 varieties of $20 coins. . The Liberty Head variety has its mint mark position on the back under the eagle: No mint mark = Philadelphia D = Denver S = San Francisco CC = Carson City O = New Orleans . The St. Gaudens variety has its mint mark above the date: No mint mark ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 1901 ten dollar gold coin?

The exact value of a 1901 ten dollar gold coin would actually bedependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors wouldinclude authenticity, condition and gold content of the coin.

1905 five dollar gold coin?

The worth of a 1905 Liberty Head Five Dollar gold coin ranges from$340 to $380 in average condition. At the very least, they areworth $320.

Five dollar gold coin?

Please provide enough details to ID it. What date? What mint mark? How worn is it?

What is the value of a 1901 ten dollar Liberty head gold coin with an D mint mark?

Please look a bit more closely. The mint mark is almost certainly an O for New Orleans. The Dahlonega Mint closed in 1861 and Denver didn't open until 1906 so a 1901-D coin is not possible. OTOH if the mint mark is truly a "D" it's almost certain you have either an altered coin or a counterfeit, and ( Full Answer )

1949 ten dollar gold coin in mint condition?

Please check again and post a new question with more information. Specifically, the U.S. didn't make any gold coins in 1949. In fact, gold coins had been removed from circulation in 1933. If your coin is from another country and/or has a different date we need to know those details. If you're ( Full Answer )

1900 five dollar gold coin?

The 1900 Half Eagle is among the most common dates of the Liberty Head series. Circulated examples trade for prices just above the Actual Gold Weight (AGW) of the coin which is .24187oz of pure gold. The coin today (10-17-10) has a value of about $331.00

Value of 10 dollar 1901 gold coin?

Most experts will not answer general questions of "How Much Is This Coin Worth?" mainly due to the fact that there is no simple answer. Dates, mintmarks, denomination, condition of the coin, and other factors provide a wide range of value quotes. Just the date or type of coin is not enough informati ( Full Answer )

Where is the mint mark on the five dollar gold piece?

You didn't specify the coin's date, so here's a full list. Possible mint marks are in parens; coins without a mint mark were made in Philadelphia 1838 "Classic Head" and 1839 "Liberty Head" - above the date (blank, C, D) 1840-1908 Liberty Head - below the eagle (blank,C,D,O,S,CC) 1908-1929 ( Full Answer )

What does the mint mark mean on a gold Sacagawea dollar coin?

The mint mark on any coin indicates where the coin wasmanufactured. On Sacajawea dollars, there are 3 possible mintmarks; P = Philadelphia D = Denver S = San Francisco (proof coins only) Also, remember that the coins are brass - they have no goldwhatsoever.

Where is the mint mark on a twenty dollar gold coin?

The mint mark on $20 gold coins minted from 1849 to early 1907 is located on the reverse [tails] side of the coin just beneath the eagle. The mint mark for the Saint-Gaudens $20 gold coin minted from late 1907 to 1933 is located on the obverse [heads] side of the coin just above the date.

Value of newly minted gold dollar coins?

August 10, 2009. Unless they have been certified to be a coin collectors would desire to own or unless they are proof coins, they are worth $1.

How many 20 dollar gold coins were minted in 1924?

The Saint-Gaudens double eagle was produced at 3 US Mint facilities in 1924; Philadelphia which is shown here as 1924-P, Denver which is shown here as 1924-D and San Francisco which is shown here as 1924-S. To determine which coin you have you must locate the mint mark which can be found just above ( Full Answer )

When was the first 20 dollar gold coin minted?

The first official $20 gold piece, or "double eagle" was a single coin minted in 1849. It's currently in the Smithsonian collection. Regular production started in 1850. The denomination was minted until 1933; all but about 10 of those coins were melted. The remaining ones are currently subject to ( Full Answer )

Where is the mint mark on 1928 gold twenty dollar coin?

The 1928 Saint-Gaudens double eagle was only struck at the Philadelphia Mint so no coins bear a mint mark. But for coins of this series that do have mint marks it's just above the date. All so the 1928 double eagle is the highest mintage (8,816,000) of any US gold coin of any type.

What are the different mint marks on an Indian head five dollar gold coin?

Indian-head $5 gold pieces ("half eagles") were made from 1908 to1929 at the following mints: > Philadelphia (no mint mark) > Denver ("D") > San Francisco ("S") > New Orleans ("O", 1909 only) The mint mark position is on the reverse side at the left of thearrowheads.

Where is the mint mark on a 1894 ten dollar gold coin?

should be under the eagle on the back of coin. If no mint mark it would have been minted in Phil. Pa. I believe that year they were minted in SF. CA, Carson city, and Philly. I stand to be corrected.

Where is the mint mark on a gold one dollar COIN?

On a gold dollar coin, the mintmark is found under the wreath on the reverse. A "C" mintmark is for the Charlotte mint, an "O" mintmark is for the New Orleans Mint, a "D" mintmark is for the Dahlonega, Georgia mint (the Denver mint wouldn't be opened until after the gold dollar was discontinued), an ( Full Answer )

When were five dollar gold pieces minted?

The US five dollar gold piece was first minted in 1795. There were many designs. The most common designs were the Liberty Head Type (1839-1908) and Indian Head Type (1908-1929).

Did the us ever mint a one dollar gold coin?

U.S. one dollar gold coins were issued from 1849-1889. They are the lowest denomination and the smallest gold coins ever made by the United States.