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Who much math is required to be a doctor?

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A lot but the main thing you need is science I think.

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How much knowledge of math is required for a doctor of internal medicine?

just the basics. how to sum, multiply, percentages ... etc.

How much does math have to do with being a doctor?

math is the most important thing in being a doctor it is almost a language to a doctor.

How much math do you have to know the become a doctor?


How much math is required to become a doctor?

To get to Medical School, the Pre-med bachelors program usually requires that you take up until Calculus 2.

How much schooling is required to do math teacher?

you must take at least one health class and currently be in the math teacher's class.

Why do you need to be good in math to be a pediatrician?

Well a pediatrician is a person who is a doctor, certified to attend to sick children. Well math is something needed to complete your every day life , like a need. Don't limit your options by dropping math. A doctor needs math to calculate medicne required for the patients, to calculate the costs of usage of equipment and etc.

How much math is required to become a engineer?

calculus algebra basic aritmathic and statistics

What math classes should a nurse take?

what math classes are required in college for a nurse what math classes are required in college for a nurse

Do you need to know math to bcome a doctor?

It would help. It's probably nessecary. You need pretty much everything to be a doctor

If someone is given a project how is maths used by doctor what is the objective in that?

Probably to get you thinking about some practical applications of math. A doctor (in the sense of physician) won't need much advanced math, but he will certainly need some basic math, in several areas of his work.

What math classes are required in professional soccer?

Math classes that are required for professional soccer are Algebra and Geometry.

Can you do doctor with science and maths?

Yes you need to be good at math and science to be a doctor - So if you are good at math or science you will make a perfect doctor.

Why is math needed for a career in medicine?

math is needed in medicine because when you become a doctor who will have to know how much medicine you will have to inject into a person if they are really sick.

If you are already an RN how much schooling is required to become a doctor?

4 years

Why did the math book go to the doctor?

Why did the math book go to the doctor? Because it had a lot of problems. Another math joke is what did the math teacher rename her parrot after it passed away? Polygon.

Do you have to be good at math to make blueprints?

Yes,of course. Mensuration is very much required for making blueprints.

What math and math classes are required to be drawing artist?

to draw a graph

What is Math Only Math?

Math Only Math is a mathematical website that provides the optimum amount of math knowledge as required for all grades.

Does a doctor use math?


Is math required if you are a nurse?


What does picture have to do with math?

ask a doctor u might have math cancer lol

How much education is required for a baby doctor?

After high school, a baby doctor or pediatrician is required to complete four years of college and four years of medical school. After graduation of medical school, a pediatric residency of two years is also required.

Do you have to take a math class to major in Secondary Education not dealing with math in college?

Typically a math is required. However, the math required within an education program is usually a lower level math such as math concepts, and typically not more than a college algebra depending on the college or university.

How is a doctor career related to math?

it might can be they will have to use math to count up the checks

What jobs require a lot of math?

Architect,Math teacher ,Acountint, scientists and doctor.

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