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Who murdered aesop?

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He wasn't murdered, he was sacrificed to Aphrodite. There is a difference. The person who 'did the deed' was some priest of Aphrodite, history does not record the name.

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How was Aesop murdered?

He wasn't murdered. He was sacrificed to Aphrodite.

How did aesop die?

Aesop was murdered while visiting his family in Delphi.

Why was Aesop murdered?

He wasn't murdered. He was sacrificed to the goddess Aphrodite when he got too old to be a useful slave anymore.

Was aesop married?

No Aesop was not married.

Where was aesop livE?

Aesop lived in Greece.

What is the surname of Aesop?

No surname is associated with Aesop.

Who is Aesop and what is he famous for?

aesop is famous because of his fables

Where can Aesop Fables be found online?

The Aesop Fables can be found online on the official website of Aesop Fables. There is a huge selection of alphabetically arranged fables on the Aesop Fables website.

What is Aesop?

Aesop was a famous writer of fables in ancient Greece.

How can you use Aesop in a sentence?

Aesop is a slave who became a storyteller.

What power did Aesop the Greek goddess have?

Aesop was not a Greek goddess. Aesop was a teller of fables that come down from ancient times.

What are the theories of Aesop's death?

Most theories say he was pushed off of or thrown off of a cliff. One is that he had an item that a citizen of Delphi was jealous of, so that citizen murdered Aesop in his sleep.

What or who is 'Aesop?

Aesop is a writer of fables. He wrote many awsome stories such as the boy who cried wolf or the tortoise and the hair. He is Greek. Theres not much to tell about him. I think that aesop is also a band. :)-

When Aesop lived?

Aesop lived in Greece in the sixth century B.C.

When did Aesop live?

Aesop lived between 620 and 560 B.C.

What types of stories was aesop famous for?

Aesop was famous for writing fables.

What type story is Aesop famous for?

Aesop was and is famous for writing fables.

What did aesop look like?

History did show that Aesop migrated from Ethiopia. But other then that there is not much known about Aesop so he could be made up.

Who is the Frontman of Aesop Rock?

There is no "Frontman" of Aesop Rock - Aesop Rock is the stage name of hip-hop artist Ian Matthias Bavitz.

Who is the best known for telling fables?

Aesop. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aesop

What is Aesop Rock's birthday?

Aesop Rock was born on June 5, 1976.

When was Aesop Rock born?

Aesop Rock was born on June 5, 1976.

What does Aesop the greek god like to do?

Aesop was not a Greek god, but a story teller.

What actors and actresses appeared in Aesop and Rhodope - 1953?

The cast of Aesop and Rhodope - 1953 includes: Sarah Churchill as Rhodope Lamont Johnson as Aesop

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