Who named the Trail of Tears?

It is said that those who witnessed the Native American prisoners forcibly relocated at gunpoint were saddened by what they saw. They did nothing to intervene; but, according to legend - they cried.

Since thousands died and neglect of prisoner injury and illness was present in this dishonorable action of the US Army, it most certainly meets the definition of a DEATH MARCH. We could call it the "Oklahoma Death March". But that is not accurate because Oklahoma didn't exist at that time. We could call it the "US Army Death March" but people might confuse it with the more well known Bataan Death March (isn't it funny how it's different when those dirty, rotten foreigners do it to us). How about "North Carolina White Trash and Rednecks After Gold Death March? No, too wordy - it'll never catch on. Same with "Five Civilized Tribes Death March". It has to be short and simple for the idiots to remember it, maybe something that rhymes. "Andrew Jackson's Death March" is pretty accurate, but that doesn't rhyme. I'm out of ideas, maybe somebody else will weigh in.