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Q: Who names trumps in cards?
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Should you say spades is trumps or spades are trumps in the card game 500 and in bridge?

There are two ways of looking at it.If the question is - Which suit is trumps? What's trumps?The answer is - The suit named 'spades' is trumps. Spades is trumps.However, some people think of it as asking - Which cards are the trump cards?For them the answer is - The spade cards are the trump cards. Spades are trumps.The important thing is to never get into an argument about it, since both sides have a legitimate claim.

How many cards does top trumps have?

30 usuallly

How many cards in top trumps pack normally?


Is there any moshi monsters membership playing cards?

There are Moshi Membership cards, and there are Top Trumps cards and also Moshi Mashup Cards.

How many cards do you get in the simpsons top trumps volume 2?


How many cards are in moshi monsters top trumps?

There are 100s of Moshi Mash Up cards to collect.

Where to get top trumps cards?

They used to be in woolworths but they are also in sports direct aswell.

How many cards in top trumps specials star wars starships?


How do you get cheestrings top trump cards?

Cheestrings Top Trumps cards are available in special Cheestrings Packs. They are starting to appear in packs from this week. You can get 4 cards in an 8 pack or Cheestrings Shots pack, 6 cards in a 12 pack and 8 cards in a 16 pack.

An analogy about life and cards?

Life is like cards -- --you play the hand you're dealt. --there's always a joker. --someone always trumps your ace. --except cards have defined rules. --and we are merely players. --the trick is to get to the table.

Which chaotic cards are rare?

The cards with the names that are named in gold.

What are names of monster invasion cards?

battle in time cards

What is the English word that is the synonym for a joker in a deck of cards?

'The Fool' in the Trumps in the French Tarot Deck, the wild card in a pack of playing cards I am English and we use the word Joker, for the joker in a pack of cards. Can you explain further what you mean?

What is the population of Trumps Green?

The population of Trumps Green is 1,272.

What is trumps favorite food?

what is trumps favorite food

What beats the ace of trumps in the game of tarbish?

the nine or jack of trumps

When was Trumps of Doom created?

Trumps of Doom was created in 1985-05.

How many pages does Trumps of Doom have?

Trumps of Doom has 183 pages.

What are all the names of Donald Trumps children?

Donald Trump's children are named Eric, Barron, Tiffany, Donald Jr. and Ivanka.

What are some names of fuel cards?

There are many names of fuel cards including Shell, Texaco, Kwik Trip, Mobile, British Petroleum, Fleet Cards, or even some generic cards that you may not have heard of in the past.

What is the ISBN of Trumps of Doom?

The ISBN of Trumps of Doom is 0-87795-718-5.

What is Donald j trumps middle name?

Donald Trumps Middle Name Is (John)

What to bid if dealt all 13 cards in a suit?

Bid 7 of the suit - a grand slam. If your bid ends the bidding you will be playing with your suit as trumps. Since you hold all 13 cards you are guaranteed to win all the tricks.

Where are Top Trumps sold in Singapore?

top trumps are sold in toys r us vivocity

Who is one of the Trumps?