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Who nominates judges for the supreme court?

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The President of the United States nominates judges for the Supreme Court "by and with the advice and consent of the Senate" (Article 2 of the Constitution).

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Q: Who nominates judges for the supreme court?
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Who nominates the judges of the Supreme Court?


Who nominates the judges for the us supreme court?

The president.

Who nominates judges to supreme court?

The President appoints Justices (they aren't called judges, if you wish to be precise) for the Supreme Court.

Who are US supreme court judges nominated by?

The President nominates judges for the Supreme Court, and Congress then votes to ratify those nominations.

Who nominates the judges for the Supreme Court?

The president chooses the judges, and then the Senate must then approve them.

What branch is approve supreme court justice appointments?

The President (executive branch) nominates supreme court judges. The Senate (part of the legislative branch) confirms them.

How does the Supreme Court depend on the executive branch?

The president (executive branch) nominates judges to the Supreme Court. If the Congress approves the nomination, the nominee becomes a member of the Supreme Court. So, the Supreme Court depends on the executive for its members.

What is a power or check of the executive branch of your government?

nominates Supreme Court justices and federal judges veto (novenet)

Are all lower federal courts created by the Supreme Court?

No, the Supreme Court is separate from all other courts. The president nominates judges to federal courts and Congress approves them.

Does Supreme Court nominates the president?

does supreme court nomintates the president

Who nominates Supreme Court Justices?

Article II of the United States Constitution gives the power to appoint Federal Judges, including the Supreme Court, to the Executive Branch. The president appoints them.

Who nominates a new Supreme Court Justice to serve on the US Supreme Court?


Who nominates a new Supreme Court justices to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court?


Who nominates the Supreme Court justices?

the president. :) (i think)

How many judges are on the Illinois state supreme court?

There are 7 judges in the supreme Court

What are Supreme Court judges known as?

Judges of the US Supreme Court are known as Justices.

Who elects judges in the Ohio supreme court?

who elect judges in the ohio supreme court

How many judges sit on the Colorado Supreme Court?

There are seven judges in the supreme court in Colorado !

How many judges serve on the florida supreme court?

There are seven judges on the Florida Supreme Court.

Who appoints the supreme court judges in India?

In INDIA, the President appoints the supreme court judges

How many judges consist of supreme court?

9 judges make up the supreme court

Does the chief of state nominate judges of the supreme court?

In the United States, the President (also called Chief Executive, but not typically chief of state) nominates federal Supreme Court justices, but they must be approved by a simple majority (51%) vote of the Senate. States within the United States and other countries may have different processes for nominating supreme court or high court judges.

Who nominates and who approves US Supreme Court justices?

In the United States, the President nominates and the Senate approves (confirms).

Which branch of government nominates justices to the US Supreme Court?

The US President, who is head of the Executive branch, nominates (chooses) justices of the Supreme Court. They must then be approved by the Senate (Legislative branch).

Number of associate judges on the supreme court in 1789?

There are nine associate judges on the Supreme Court in 1789