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Q: Who operates Cessna Cari-vans for FedEx?
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What are the flying characteristics of the Cessna Caravan regional airliner?

The Cessna Caravan regional airliner is a single engine turboprop, fixed gear short haul, nine seater. This plane can be used for cargo feeder liner operations also. The primary user of this plane is Fedex who has purchased 253 of these planes.

What are some of the different models of the Cessna airplane?

Some of the different models of the Cessa airplane are; Cessna 400, Cessna 510, Cessna 525, Cessna 560XL, Cessna 680, and Cessna 750. Each different Cessna plane varies in size, purpose, and capability.

When was the first Cessna airplane built?

Clyde Cessna built his first Cessna in 1911

What is the synonym for Cessna?

There isn't a synonym for Cessna... Cessna has always been Cessna, has not operated under any other names, and has always operated independently of parent companies which had bought it out (General Dynamics from 1985 to 1992, and Textron from 1992 to present). Only two products from another company are manufactured under the Cessna name - the Columbia 350 (as the Cessna 350) and the Columbia 400 (as the Cessna 400). Cessna is Cessna... nothing else is.

Who built the Cessna 406?


What does a cessna caravan cost?

Cessna Caravan 675 $1,969,050Cessna Caravan Amphibian $2,291,550Cessna Grand Caravan $2,071,225Cessna Grand Caravan Super Cargo Master $1,812,500

What type of planes does Cessna Aircraft Company build?

The Cessna Aircraft Company builds many different types of aircrafts. These can be found on many different websites online. Some of the types of planes that they build are the Cessna CH-1, Cessna 206, Cessna 510 and the Cessna 750.

When was Cessna created?

Cessna was created in 1927.

What is the population of Cessna?

Cessna's population is 2,011.

What are the numbers after cessna planes for?

distinguishes what make it is EX: cessna 154, cessna 182 their different planes

Who built the first Cessna?

Clyde V. Cessna and Victor H. Roos, together, built the first Cessna in 1927

How much thrust does a Cessna have?

It would depend on the model of the cessna.

When was the Cessna 406 designed?

The Cessna 406 was designed in 1983

Where can you get hold of an airplane specification sheet for Cessna 206H?

Go to; the Cessna 206 Stationair is a current Cessna model.

What are a few aircraft models available from Cessna?

Cessna company offers many types of jets and airplanes to suit your needs. They offer single-engine aircrafts as well as a wide range of types of jets, and turbo-props aircrafts. Some examples of their aircrafts are the Cessna Skymaster, Cessna 305 Birddog, Cessna Conquest II and the Cessna 185 Skywagon.

When did the aicraft Cessna Citation11 make its first flight?

The first flight made by the Cessna Citation II was on January 31, 1977. The Cessna Citation II is a corporate jet and is a direct development from the Cessna Citation I.

What is faster fedex express or fedex ground?

Fedex Express is faster

Where is FedEx Field?

FedEx Field is located at 1600 FedEx Way, Landover, Maryland.

Where to get Fedex envelope?

You can get a FedEx envelope from any of our FedEx Office Locations, from any of our FedEx Boxes, any station that has a customer counter, along with many of the FedEx drivers will carry some on their vehicles.

Can you put the word cessna in a sentence?

I fly an aircraft which was manufactured by Cessna.

How long has Cessna Aircraft's been going for?

Cessna was founded in 1927

Which aircraft can withstand more turbulence- Cessna or Boeing?

Which Cessna and which Boeing?

Where can one get Cessna parts?

Parts for Cessna aircrafts can be obtained from specialist dealers such as Proviation, Constant Aviation, Cessna Direct, and also from Preferred Airparts,

How high can a Cessna 406 go?

The Cessna 406 can fly to about 30,000 feet

What is a synonym Cessna?

CESSNA is a brand name, from the original designer and builder of the machines, a man named Clyde Cessna. There are no synonyms or antonyms for a person's name.