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AnswerThe alliances of World War 1 were: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy against the triple entente: Britain, France and Russia. However, Italy fought on the side of the entente This is the main frequency between the sperm cell an the ovary
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Q: Who or what are alliances?
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State of being allied?


What determined alliances in the Suez Crisis?

Cold War Alliances

Why were farmer alliances formed?

What was unusual about the farmers' alliances

Why Alliances and counter alliances when exposed created such an combustible atmosphere that made world war 1 inevitable?

There were tons of alliances made that caused ww1. Alliances made countries stronger.

What were the names of the alliances that fought in the war?

Triple alliances and entente

What was the effect of the system alliances?

all of the alliances grew biger

Why did countries want to make alliances in WW1?

Nations wanted to create alliances to keep peace in Europe. They also created alliances to make their country stronger. Whey they formed alliances with other nations they had back up

How did the system of alliances lead to the war?

how did Europe's system of alliances lead to war

Can you give me a sentence for the word alliances?

Many countries have alliances with each other.

What countries have alliances?

Um well the countries of PENIAL FRACTURE and CHODE have alliances

Why are alliances bad?

It depends on the scenario, not all alliances are good and not all are bad.

Why do people have alliances?

There are many different kinds of alliances, and many different reasons for entering into alliances, but generally speaking, people form alliances because an allied group of people can often accomplish things that a single individual cannot.

Who did hernan Cortes arrange alliances with?

Hernán Cortés arranged alliances with the enemies of the Aztecs.

What are the causes and implications of tribal alliances in an economy?

Having these alliances can sometimes help or harm the economy. It will depend on if the alliances are working towards their own interests or in helping the consumers.

How did the Alliances contribute to the outbreak of World War 1?

the answer is the ALLIANCES were the conflict and the reason for the big outbreak!

Why did the European countries join alliances?

All of these answers are good ones. Alliances are made for support.

How did the alliances aim to keep peace?

the alliances aimed to keep peace by creating a balance of power

What three alliances were created during the cold war?

The Three Alliances are American, British, and French

How did the alliances aim to keep aim?

the alliances aimed to keep peace by creating a balance of power

When were the alliances formed in world war 1 adn what was the purpose of it?

The alliances were formed in 1914. However the purpose of them was so that the countries who were alliances could be there for one another if the other country was attacked.

What are alliances and coalitions?


What were the alliances that France had during World War 2?

The alliances France had were Britain and obviously the United states.

How and why are alliances formed in modern national and world affairs?

Why are alliances formed in modern national and world affairs?

There were two alliances during World War 1 who wre they?

the triple alliances & the triple entente

Does Egypt have any alliances with other countries if so which ones?

no egypt does not have any alliances with other counties.