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Salamis was a strait near Athens where a Greek fleet defeated a Persian fleet in 480 BCE. This the turning point in the Persian invasion of peninsular Greece.

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Is Salamis a substitute name for Salamis?

Que ?

What did the Persia use to win at Salamis?

They lost at Salamis.

Who won the battle at salamis?

the Greeks won the battle of Salamis.

What is the strait of Salamis?

A narrow channel near the island of Salamis

Who won the salamis war?

The Spartians won the Salamis war.

When did Epiphanius of Salamis die?

Epiphanius of Salamis died in 403.

When was Epiphanius of Salamis born?

Epiphanius of Salamis was born in 310.

When did Battle of Salamis happen?

Battle of Salamis happened in -480.

Where did the battle of salamis occur?

In the strait between the island of Salamis and Athens.

Where was the battle of salamis held?

In the bay between the island of Salamis and Athens.

What is the definition of salamis?

Salamis are large Italian sausages made from ham.

Where was the battle of Salamis taken place?

In the strait between Salamis Island and Athens.

When was Nicholas Salamis born?

Nicholas Salamis was born on 1897-08-13.

When did Nicholas Salamis die?

Nicholas Salamis died on 2005-10-15.

Why were Greeks on the island of salamis during the battle of salamis?

It was a sea battle. The Greek fleet assembled at the island of Salamis in preparation to fighting the Persian fleet.

Where did the Battle Of Salamis take place?

The Battle of Salamis took place in the strait between Piraeus and Salamis Island, an island in the Saronic Gulf near Athens.

What caused the Salamis war?

There was no Salamis war. There was a naval battle of Salamis which was part of the Greek strategy to repel the Persian invasion of the Greek mainland in 480 BCE.

What is the distance between seleucia and salamis?

The distance between Salamis and Seleucia is about 130 miles

Where was the battle of strait of salamis?

Between the Island of Salamis and the Greek mainland near Athens.

Salamis marathon and theramoplae what this battles have in comin?

the salamis and theramoplae have in common is they both have fought in ships

Was the battle of salamis fought on land or water?

Water - in the strait between the island of Salamis and Athens.

When was Nea Salamis Famagusta FC created?

Nea Salamis Famagusta FC was created in 1948.

When was the salamis war?

The Persian War 499-449 BCE included the battle of Salamis 480 BCE.

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What rhymes with salamis?


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