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Bruce Springsteen. He wrote and sang the song.

2006-08-04 12:23:29
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Q: Who originally performed the song 'Dancing in the Dark'?
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Who originally performed dancing in the street?

The song "Dancing in the Street" was originally performed by Martha and the Vandellas.

Who sings the song 'Dancing in the Dark'?

Dancing in the DarkI'm pretty sure it was Bruce Springsteen. The more pop/rave one is Dev, In the Dark.

Who sang the song called Dancing in the dark?

Bruce Springsteen

What was break dancing called originally?

Break dancing didnt originally name but when a certain song came out everyone would break out into what is now known has the breakdance

How is Bollywood dancing performed?

Bollywood dancing is performed under the provision of choreographer. Choreographer tells everybody their steps and then choreographs the whole song.

What instruments did they play in the song Dancing Queen by Abba?

Dancing Queen was originally recorded with drums, bass guitar and piano.

Who performed the song Stuck in the Middle With You?

The song Stuck in the Middle With You was performed by 2 guys. Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan originally performed this song with their band Stealers Wheel.

Who originally performed The Christmas Song?

Mel Tormé and Bob Wells originally performed The Christmas Song. It was written in 1944 and The Nat King Cole Trio recorded it in 1946.

Who originally performed the song 'Adia'?

The song 'Adia' was originally performed by Sarah MacLachlan. The song was released on May 4, 1998 and just over 4 minutes in duration. It was later covered by Avril Lavigne.

Who wrote the song And I Love You So as performed by Perry Como?

That was originally a Don McLean song.

Who originally sang the song Can't Take My Eyes Off You?

"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" was a song originally written and performed by Frankie Valli. Originally released in 1967, the song reached #2 on the Billboard charts.

Who sings the song Dancing in the Dark?

I'm pretty sure it was Bruce Springsteen. The more pop/rave one is Dev, In the Dark.

Who sings Escape - The PiΓ±a Colada Song?

The song was written and performed (originally) by Rupert Holmes.

What band originally performed the music for the theme song for dog the bounty hunter?

coldplay play the song

Who sings rave the song Dancing In The Dark?

Bruce Springsteen, but there are probably several versions by others.

Lady Gaga Dancing in the Dark is like what 80s song?

Vogue by Madonna. But just the bridge.

Did cat Stevens sang cat's in the cradle?

Cat Stevens did sing Cat's In The Cradle but the song was not written or originally performed by him. Harry Chapin was originally credited with the song.

Who wrote the song the time by the black eyed peas?

The song the time was in a movie called dirty dancing, back in the 80's. The song is originally song by bill medley, and Jennifer warnes.

What is the name of the song featured in the Old Navy Commercial where everyone is dancing on a rooftop?

The song is Summertime Girlfriend performed by A.M. Sixty.

Who performed Try A Little Tenderness?

The song 'Try a Little Tenderness' has been sung by a few different artist. However, the song was originally sang by Ottis Redding. This song was originally produced in 1967.

Reggae song dark shade of grey?

originally preformed by Eurythmics there is a version by Pat kelly

Who originally used the beat from ice cubes song Friday?

Isley brothers footseps in the dark

Who sang the song 'Humpty's Blues'?

The band The Guess Who originally sang, performed, and recorded the song "Humpty's Blues".

Who sang the song 'Speed Your Love to Me'?

The band Simple Minds originally sang and performed the song "Speed Your Love to Me".

Who originally sung the Kurt song in glee born this?

The proper title of the song is "Born This Way", and it is performed by Lady Gaga.