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Who owned Maine before it entered the US?

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What year did Maine enter us?

Maine entered the united states of America in 1820 and it wasn't a original colony

Who owned Canada before the us?

The U.S. has never owned Canada.

Who owned Louisiana before America?

France owned it before all of us did. P.S. this is from alexa taken.

Should the US have entered the Spanish American War?

After the sinking of the USS Maine, it was almost impossible to avoid.

Who owned Alaska before US?

Alaska was owned by the Russian Empire until it was purchased by the US in 1867.

Who owned hawaii before US?


Which country owned Alaska before it was sold to the US?

Russia owned Alaska before it was sold to the US. They sold it for 2 cents an acre! :D

Is it true when Maine entered the Union as a slave state?

Maine entered the US as a free state. The state was carved out of territory ceded from Massachusetts. This was part of the 1820 Missouri Compromise. This act allowed Missouri to enter the US as a slave state. In order to keep the balance between free and slave states intact. And, so Maine was created as a free state.

Who entered the Vietnam war before the US did?


What gamble did Germany make before the US entered the war?

The gamble that Germany made before the US entered the war was that their blockade would defeat Britain. The US troops arrived before the blockade defeated Britain.

Who owned land before the US of The Louisiana Purchase?

The French owned all that land

Who owned the Mexican Cession before the US?


What country owned the panama before the US?

the french

Who owned Alabama before us?

Donald Trump

Who owned Alaska before the US?

The Russian Empire.

Who owned American Samoa?

Before the US, Samoans

Who owned American Samoa before US?


Who owned Puerto Rico before the US did?


Who owned the state of Alaska before the US?


Who were the US known as before they entered the war in Europe?


How many states obtained statehood before Maine?

There were already 22 US States when Maine joined the Union.

What country owned the Panama Canal before the US did?

Panama owned the land, but the canal didn't exist until the US built it.

Where was the us capital supposed to be before dc was chosen?

Portland, Maine.

What country owned the state of California before the US?


Who owned California before the US claimed it?

MEXICO owend it

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