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If you are referring to the US Steel Corp then, The owner you are looking for is Andrew Carnegie. He is the head of this corp.

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Who owned and mechanized steel mills?

Andrew Carnegie owned and mechanized steel mills.

Owned most of the steel industry?

Andrew carnegie

Who owned a large steel company?

Andrew Carnegie

How the US owned Cuba?

The US has never owned Cuba.

What breweries are US owned?

Yuengling in Pennsylvania is 100 % US owned

Who owns airports in the US?

There are publicly owned and privately owned airports alike in the US.

Who owned the plantations in the southern US?

the gypsies owned the plantations in the southern US.

Is Yardhouse Restraunt a franchise?

No it's a private LLC owned by Steel Platt

Who owned Alaska before US?

Alaska was owned by the Russian Empire until it was purchased by the US in 1867.

Is US embassy in domestic territory of India?

An embassy is technically owned by the country. So a US embassy will be owned by the US and not India

What city became the steel capital of the US?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the Steel Capital of the US.

Who owned Canada before the us?

The U.S. has never owned Canada.

Panama was never owned by the US?

No, Panama was never owned by the U.S.

Who took over Carnegie steel?

US Steel

Is Portugal owned by the us?


What was the old symbol for US Steel Corp?

The ticker symbol for US Steel Corp was X. US Steel was founded by JP Morgan and Elbert Gary in 1901.

Who owned the largest manufacturing operation of the 1920s and what did he manufacture?

I would say there were 2 large manufacturers in the US during the 1920s.The US steel industry, mostly owned by US Steel. J. P. Morgan and attorney Elbert H. Gary founded U.S. Steel on March 2, 1901 (incorporated on February 25); they combined Andrew Carnegie'sCarnegie Steel Company with Gary's Federal Steel Company and William Henry "Judge" Moore's National Steel Company. US Steel became one of the largest monopolies in US History.Henry Ford founded Detroit Automobile Company. But it failed. The Henry Ford Company was the second company for Henry Ford, founded November, 1901. Henry Ford created new methods to mass produce automobiles. This meant ordinary people could afford to buy an auto; sales soared in the 1920s. But without STEEL, the Detroit auto industry would have been no more valuable than the river that flowed nearby. For many decades, Steel and Auto Manufacturing went hand in hand. Both industries helped the other grow, steadily, every year.

Who owned a large steel company was a prime example of Social Darwinism?

Andrew Carnegie was the owner of a large steel company was an example of Social Darwinism.

What current state of the US was once owned by another state?

it was owned by India

Is Holden Australian-owned?

Holden is a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Motors in the United States.

What Youngstown man died on the Titanic?

George Dennick Wick He owned a Youngstown steel mill

Is Guam owned by the US?


Is Alaska owned by the US?


Is Malaysia owned by the US?


What percentage of the prisons in the US are privately owned?

As of 2009, 8% of prisons in the US were privately owned - a number which has probably increased since then.