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Who owns ACN Inc Telecommunications Co in Farmington Hills MI?


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ACN inc is a half a billion dollard company in the telecom industry. They have been around since 1993 and have quadrupuled their revenues over the past 5 years making it one of the faster growing companies in the world. They do business in 19 countries. Their marketing strategy goes through mlm. Recently, Donald Trump decided to endorse the company.

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ACN is a good Mlm company. Your biggest concern should be finding a mentor in mlm along with a great company.

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ACN is a multi-level marketing scam that has and is being sued and charged in various different jurisdictions. It charges $499 for someone to become one of their representatives, and there are numerous complaints. Wikipedia has a very revealing article on them.

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ACN is just like any other front heavy pyramid structured sales organization. The initial fee of $500 to join and then $150 per year thereafter was enough to turn me off. The video phone which actually looked cool is available online also at almost the same price. Actually, it is cheaper as you don't pay the exorbitant monthly charge of $30 per month. If you need real money and like to do sales. Join a company which will employ you and then give you commissions. Who wants to work for 1/4% for years and that too after paying the company money. Keep away.

Yes, ACN is a very good company. You just need to work hard and give it a good effort. Time will work in your favor, you will NOT get rich overnight and might even have to invest prior to seeing a reward. It is not a job, it is a business. It is not for everyone, so keep that in mind.

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