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Who owns Hershey Chocolate now?


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The many stockholders of the Hershey Company.

No one person owns Hershey. It is a corporation, therefore different shareholders own parts of it. There is a CEO and Board of Directors, but they are only responsible for making decisions that keep the everything running and profitable.


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hershey owns hershey, and all chocolate places...

I think Hershey Chocolate Company. I've heard it be called "Hershey Kisses" a lot.

Milton Hershey built his chocolate factory in Derry Church which is now Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The Hershey Chocolate Factory is in Pennsylvania.

Chocolate used to be only for rich people. Milton Hershey wanted chocolate to be to the poor. Hershey chocolate was the first ever chocolate avalible to the poor. Without hershey chocolate, there wouldn't be Snickers, Milky Ways, there wouldn't be that if there was no milton hershey. even though it was made from a different company.

Milton Hershey invented the Hershey chocolate bar and founded the Hershey Chocolates company in Hershey, PA.

"The Hershey Corporation" is North America's largest chocolate company, doing around $% billion a year in business. It owns other corporations, but no other corporation owns it.

Hershey, PA is where the famous Hershey Chocolate Factory is located, and where Hershey chocolates originated.

Milton S. Hershey, after first experimenting with caramels, and purchasing a chocolate making hershey invented hershey chocolate.

Milton Hershey started making his chocolate in 1894 ( covering his caramel in chocolate). He made his first chocolate bar in 1900. ( im doing a poster on this stuff right now!) if you want more info on him, go to google or go to the hershey website!!!

The first chocolate he made was milk chocolate Hershey bar.

Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Hershey chocolate company in Hershey, PA.

it is absolutely delicious chocolate made by Milton S. Hershey.

Yes, Hershey chocolate is made in China.

It was Milton S. Hershey.

Hershey made chocolate, and lived in Pennsylvania.

making hershey chocolate

Milton Hershey didn't invent chocolate. His importance was in making chocolate affordable to all.

Hershey chocolate used to be made In Hershey, PA. Not any more. Hershey fired its American workers and relocated their plants to Monterrey, Mexico.

Yes. Hershey is a company brand name. Milk chocolate is a general term.

milton hershey invented the 1st chocolate bar in 1654

Hershey is the main producing company.

He invented Hershey, PA, Hershey Chocolate, Hershey Sports Stadium, and Hershey School.

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