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Who owns NFL?

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Patriots cuz of Tom Brady. Hes the best QB IN THE NFL

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Who owns the NFL?

The NFL team owners own the NFL.

Who owns the NFL Today?

No one person owns the NFL. Each team has an owner. A board led by Commissioner Roger Goodell manages the league.

Who started the NFL video game?

EA Games owns Madden.

Who owns NFL teams?

the owners the steelers are owned by the Rooney family

Who owns the NFL network channel?

jerry Jones from the dallas cowboys..

Name the only NFL owner that played in the NFL?

Jerry Richardson who owns the Carolina Panthers played for the Baltimore Colts in 1959.

Who owns The Steelers nfl team?

Art Rooney. but the team is being passed to his son

Who owns the rights to Minnesota North Stars apparel?

Strictly a guess - but I'm thinking the NHL probably retains the 'rights' to the North Stars apparel, just like the NFL owns the rights to all past and present NFL teams items.

Who is in charge of football?

NFL it's an association so no one owns it. It's government property

What former NFL coach owns nascar racing team?

Joe Gibbs. Washington Redskins.

How many Syracuse football players played in NFL?

27 players have come from Syracuse to the NFL, not including Tom Coughlin, coach for the New York Giants, and Al Davis(who owns an nfl franchise).

How many teams in the NFL have a black owner?

There is one African American who is owner of an NFL team by the name of Reggie Fowler. He owns 40% of Minnesota Vikings.In the NBA, Michael Jordan owns majority share of Charlotte Bobcats.Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Are_there_any_black_NFL_owners#ixzz1jJuWtnvX

Who owns the record for max bench press in the NFL?

Larry Allen of the Dallas Cowboys. Mike Kudla. 610lbs.

How many black owners are in the NFL?

One and his name is Reggie Fowler. He owns 40 percent of Minnesota Vikings.

Does Terrell Davis still work for the NFL network?

no he owns and operates a liquor store now in atlanta ga

What NFL football coach has a Nascar racing team?

Joe Gibbs who coaches the Redskins and also owns Gibbs racing.

Who owns the Portland trailblazers?

Paul Allen owns two professional sports teams, the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL, and the Portland Trailblazers of the NBA. He is also part-owner of the Seattle Sounders FC, which joined Major League Soccer in 2009.

Can an owner of a NFL team own another sports teams?

They can only own another sports franchise IF it is in the same city as the controlled NFL city or there is not an NFL team in the city of ownership. This is from an amendment in 1997 where prior, cross ownership was not allowed. Example: Paul Allen owns the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland TrailBlazers because there is not an NFL team in Portland.

Who holds the NFL record for most carries in a season?

Believe it or not Larry Johnson now owns that record thanks to his brutal 416 carries in 2006

Which NFL team has had the most owners?

The Green Bay Packers are publicly owned and currently have 112,158 shareholders, each of whom owns a portion of the team.

Who owns Detroit Lions NFL?

William Clay Ford Senior is the owner of the Detroit Lions. When he passes his son will probably take over as owner.

Which Super Bowl XLV entertainer owns a part of an NFL team?

Fergie of the Black-Eyed Peas became a part-owner of the Miami Dolphins in October 2009.

Are there any black NFL owners?

Correction! Correction! There is one African American who is owner of an NFL team by the name of Reggie Fowler. He owns 40% of Minnesota Vikings. In the NBA, Michael Jordan owns majority share of Charlotte Bobcats.

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