Who owns disney channel?


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Disney Channel is owned by Disney Channels Worldwide, otherwise known as Disney - ABC Television Group. Disney Channel is an American cable channel.

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It is, but I saw someone say that it's owned by Disney Channel, and it's not. It's owned by The Walt Disney Company and its shows are made by Walt Disney Television.

i belive that it was the person who now owns disney. but im not sure.

It used to be on Cartoon Network but now Disney xD owns it.

well you can find it on Disney channel and Disney channel +1

disney channel is not a person, it is a channel on tv!

Disney Channel is on 724 & Disney Channel+1 is on 725

Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and DisneyXD

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Disney Channel was first launched as 'The Disney Channel' on April 18, 1983. In 1988, it omitted the term "The" from it's title to become just "Disney Channel".

Walt Disney Company runs the Disney Channel.

The Walt Disney Company

At least in Morristown, Tennessee, Disney Channel is channel 54.

The channel jetix was replaced with disney channel or disney xd

Disney Channel was started on April 18, 1983.

On AT&T cable, Disney channel is 302 Disney XD is 304

The number of Disney Channel is 666.

what channel is disney XD on

Disney Channel on Demand is a place where you can watch Disney Channel shows without waiting for them to come on.

Satanic Disney Channel is the Disney Channel that demented souls of evil teens watch in hell.

The Disney channel does have games that you can play based on their shows they have on the channel. Disney channel should have a link to their games.

JoJo's circus on Disney Channel. JoJo's circus on Disney Channel. JoJo's circus on Disney Channel. JoJo's circus on Disney Channel.

Disney owns both ABC and ESPN.

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