Who owns jive records?

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a record label, based in New York City, owned by Sony Music Entertainment, and operates under the Zomba Label Group. ...
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How do you get to a recording studio to record your own song.?

finding a recording studio . this is a comment well see I had wrote a song and I really want to record it and I want to record it so i can help my mom to pay her car inshorance and heath inshorance and every thing els

How do you look at your own criminal record?

primero para tener sexo tendrias que dar un beso de lengua y luego te vas desnudando y quitarse el brazier tu novio te apretaria las tetas y las chuparia tu lo dejas y cuando te vea desnudo pon una forma para que te shupe todo el cuerpo y cuando lo haga di ha ha como disfrutandolo y muerdes tus labi ( Full Answer )

How can you get the Jive record labels number now?

Jive Record Label was acquired in 2002 and is now known as Zomba Label Group.. Contact Information . Address: Zomba House, 165-167 High Rd. London NW10 2SG, United Kingdom. Phone: +44-20-8459-8899. Fax: +44-20-8451-4158. No email address available.

How do record your own own voice on a CD?

There are programs you can buy for the computer that allow you to do that. Or you can go to a local media store and find equipment that will allow you to do so.

How do you get a contract with jive records?

My dad has jive records contract and they don't just hand it over you have to make a demo CD with info where they can get in contact with you and send it to them if they like ot the will ask to have a face-to-face meeting and sing to them live and then they will then give you the contract and so on ( Full Answer )

Does a patient own their medical record?

Patients do not own their medical record. The facility that createdthe record owns it, but the law states the patient has the right toview and receive copies of the record.

Jive Records contact?

Jive Records was formed in 1981 by Zomba Records under the RCAMusic Group. They are said to no longer be in business but RCAMusic Group can be contacted via the RCA Records website orFacebook page.

How can i get signed with zomba jive record label?

Find their address, mail them a demo with press info. If possible, try to get in contact with managers/agents that represent established artists from the same label. Make contacts.

Jive records phone number?

Jive Records is located in New York City, New York. The phonenumber is (212) 727-0016. The address is 137 West 25th Street NewYork, New York 10001. Jive Records has several locations.

How can you get sign too zomba and jive record label?

Pretty much the only way to get signed to a major record label is to start out small. Get signed to an independent record label and move your way through the ranks. OR... Generate enough interest in your band through constant gigs and touring to spark the interest of a major label, get an A & R rep ( Full Answer )

Do Warner records own record labels?

Warner Records are one of the four major record companies owning many subsidiarylabels such as revolution records....

What is a jive turkey?

Jive turkey was a derogatory slang word in African AmericanVernacular English, used to refer to someone who was unreliable,made empty promises, or who was full of bluster. The insult becamewidely known among white Americans in the 1970s, particularly viatelevision comedies (e.g., The Jeffersons). T ( Full Answer )

How do you get your own medical records?

Everyone has the right to obtain their own medical records. Simply contact your physician's office and request a copy of your records. You'll have to pick them up from the office and sometimes there's a small fee.

What is jive records location?

Jive records was located in New York City operating under the RCA Music Group. Jive was independently managed until 2002 where is was then bought out.

How do i record my own videos for YouTube?

You have to have a Ipod that can tape videos or a video camera when you`re done filming a video you upload it to your computer then you have to sign up for youtube and you press "upload" and you go and find your video you recorded on your computer then click on it twice then there you go! :)

Medical records are owned by?

medical records are owned by. a patient. b. government. c. hospital or physician. d. medical licensure board. medical records are owned by. a patient. b. government. c. hospital or physician. d. medical licensure board

What songs can you do a jive to?

Achy breaky heart by Billy Ray Cyrus It's time for the percolater by Cajmere Michael Jackson's mileastation song Just Beat It Benny And the Jets and any other song played by Greg Schmitke Any of Xzibit's multiple platinum records... O' Canada To be continued..

Who are medical records owned by?

C. Hospital or physician . A. Patient. B. government. C.Hospital or physician. D.medical licensure board

What is jive speaking?

Sheeeet, man, that honkey mus' be messin' my old lady got to be runnin' col' upsihd down his head! Hey Holm, I can dig it! You know he ain't gonna lay no mo' big rap upon you man! I say hey sky, s'other say I won say I pray to J I get the same ol' same ol. Knock yourself a pro slick. Gray m ( Full Answer )

How do you do the hand jive?

First, you pat your two open plams on your thighs twice. . Second, you clap your hands twice. . Third, you take both hands plam down and swing one hand over the other twice. . Fourth, you make two fists and tap on top of the other twice. . Last, you make a thumbs up and point behind you ( Full Answer )

Who owns Soulcandi Records?

who owns soulcandi records Answer: Harael Salkow Soulcandi started up as a record store owned by DJ Mbuso and Harael Salkow, then extended into a record label, DJ Mbuso who mixed sessions one and two of the soulcandi sessions series pulled out, and Harael Salkow bought him out. NB: sta ( Full Answer )

Is Justin Timberlake signed with Jive Records?

Yes, Justin Timberlake has been affiliated with Jive Records at least since 2002. Recordings he has released through Jive include Justified (2002), Justin & Christina (2--3), FutureSex/ LoveSounds (2006),and Essential Mixes (2010).

How do you play juba jive on the recorder?

Playing Juba Jive is simple here are the notes: G G A A G G E G G A A B A G G G A A G G E B A G E, quarter rest, E D E E , quarter rest, G A G G, quarter rest, E D E E, quarter rest, E D E, quarter rest, whole rest whole rest whole rest, E D E E, quarter rest quarter rest quarter rest, G A E E, quar ( Full Answer )

How do you spell jive?

That is the correct spelling of the word "jive" (jazz music, or to joke around).

What is the record for the most owned tamagotchi's?

I'm not sure but me and my sister have over 30 tamagotchis put together but about 2 years ago I remember looking on the web of this girl who had pictures of the Tamas she owned which her over 100! I've tried to find the web page again but I can't find it.

How do you start your own recording studio?

You start recording. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in expendable cash you can't just "start a studio". You can buy all of the top of the line gear, but you wont know how to use it. Anyone can press record, but it takes practice to be a good audio engineer. Start small with an audi ( Full Answer )

What are antonyms of jive?

Sincere, honest, truthful are all antonyms of "jive", when the word is not being used to with reference to jive dance, jive music, or the slang used by jazz musicians. Beyond the musical reference, most people confuse "jive" with "jibe" and use it incorrectly. Used correctly you might say "This jiv ( Full Answer )

When your record is sealed can you own a gun?

Your record is only sealed to members of the public. Government agencies, the courts or law enforcement, who will be conducting your background check, are always able to view them.

What to wear to do the jive?

If you're doing 1950's rock and roll jive rather than modern jive, I can help you :) Something cool, and fitting rather than loose or too clingy. I find that it's best to wear something that can be tucked in and with freedom of movement because you don't want your belly on show :P My favourite thi ( Full Answer )

What are jive songs?

I can help you if you are doing 50's rock and roll swing jive dancing. If this question refers to modern jive I'm afraid it'll seem kinda stupid :P I'd say that the top 10 rock and roll numbers to jive to are: 1. Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry 2. Rockin' Robin - The Jackson Five 3. Why - The Cues ( Full Answer )

Who owns decaydance records?

Pete Wentz and Joe Janik formed it. Pete is still in it, but I don't know about Janik

Is it legal to own a bootleg record?

While it is illegal to buy, sell or distribute bootleg recordings, it is not illegal to own them, for collecting purposes.

Who owns the master recording of a song?

"If the artist paid the studio up front for recording services, the artist owns the master. If the studio or record company financed the recording, then they own the master." It can get a little more complicated than that. Without a contract, ownership of the Master Recording can become a very ( Full Answer )

What year did Bo Diddley record Hand Jive?

Bo Diddley never recorded the song, "Hand Jive." It was first recorded by Johnny Otis in 1958 then covered by numerous groups, including Eric Clapton in the mid-70s. The "beat" called the Hand Jive is comprised of elements of the "Bo Diddley Beat," which is why there is sometimes confusion.

What is the record for Nerf guns owned?

That is something no-one will know. A select few people have over 500 Nerf guns, one of them being somebody called Orange. Type in "orange's Nerf page" to see his site and collection.

How do you record your own demo CD?

If you don't have the equipment to do it yourself, you should look up recording studios in the local phone book or on craigslist. They can help you more than you think.

Who owns ruthless records?

Unfortunately, tomika Wright. She re-married after Eazy-E died so really don't know what she goes by now. She sold most of Ruthless publishing rights, copy rights, to priority records. Thats why you never see a Ruthless Record imprint on the album cover. Ruthless is dyfunct, and remains in name only ( Full Answer )

What is hand jiving?

It is a dance accosiated with rock and roll. It involves hand movements, obviously and claps.

What is a sentence for jive?

i love to dance and sing to jive music all day long. i the jive music is a really good type of music. a lot of people in the world like to listen to jive music. jive is the name of my most favorite music.

What is a skin jive?

a skin jive is a lump of skin in the shape of a musical instrument that actually works when you play it some jives are saxophones,guitars,violins,pianos,trumpets e.c.t

Which company owns GRP records?

The Universal Music group owns GRP records.It operates through its Verve Music Group. GRP is a very successful record company which serves its customers with quality products and reasonable prices.

Is jive a word?

Absolutely, jive is a word. jive . jīv/ . noun . noun: jive ; plural noun: jives ; noun: jive talk ; plural noun: jive talks . 1 . a lively style of dance popular especially in the 1940s and 1950s, performed to swing music or rock and roll.. swing music.. a style of dance mus ( Full Answer )