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Henry Repeating Arms of Bayonne NJ. See link below to the company website.

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Who owns the Henry rifle co?

Anthony Imperato, owner and President of Henry. It is a privately held company.

What is the value of a Henry rifle?

WHICH Henry? The antique Henry rifle made in the 1860's or the current Henry Repeating Arms Co rifle?

Who made the Henry rifle?

The 44 rim fire Henry rifle was developed by Benjamin Tyler Henry.

What company owns the Lexus brand of automobiles?

The Toyota company owns the Lexus brand of automobiles.

Who invented the Henry rifle?

The Henry rifle was invented by Hackman Adams.It was invented in 1860.

How do you clean a Henry rifle?

Go to the Henry website, and download the owner's manual for your rifle.

Why did Sony and ericson company have merge?

Sony owns Ericsson brand just like it owns the Playstation brand

Who owns PlayStation?

Sony Corporation owns the Playstation products and brand

What corporation owns the brand Lincoln?

Ford owns the Lincoln Motor Company.

Who owns zoo york?

Ecko Unlimited brand by Marc Ecko owns Zoo York as well as several other brand names.

How do you take apart a Henry lever action rifle?

Start by going to the Henry website, and download the manual for your rifle. They are free.

Who owns Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle The one that killed President Kennedy?

the rifle, a mannlicher-carcano rifle, is in the US national archives.

Did the pioneers use the Henry repeating rifle?

Some did. early pioneers heading west had flintlocks, which was prior to the Henry rifle. the Henry came about at the time of the civil war

Who invented rifles?

Tyler Henry in 1860 and he called it the Henry rifle.

Who was the first inventor of the Winchester rifle?

In general terms, the Henry Repeating Rifle is considered to be the forefather of the Winchester Model 1866 (the first such rifle and Model to bear the "Winchester" name). Tyler B. Henry was the inventor of the Henry Rifle, and was granted the patent for his creation on October 16th, 1860.

What company owns the tide brand?

Procter and Gamble is the parent company of the brand Tide.

What rifle is most like the Henry rifle?

That would be the Henry. The company still exists. If you mean the Henry rifle from the Civil War, then most lever action rifles are somewhat related, including the Henry Big Boy / Yellow Boy and the Winchester 94, but none are exact copies.

Who owns Gucci?

Gucci Group owns the Gucci brand however, PPR Group (http://www.ppr.com/) owns the Gucci Group.

Who owns rockport shoe brand?

The answer is Reebok, I think.

Who owns the Bacardi brand?

Bacardi & Company Limited.

What is a Leman rifle?

BP rifle made in 1850's or so by Henry Leman

What does HRA stand for when purchasing a Henry 17hmr rifle?

You will have to call Henry to find out.

What company owns BFGoodrich?

The French company Michelin owns the BFGoodrich brand. It acquired the brand in 1990 when the Michelin Group bought out the Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company.

What clothing brand has a lion logo?

Express brand which is a brand under Limited Brands which also owns Victoria's Secret.

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