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Satori Iwata owns Nintendo As Of: http:/


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Nintendo DS is owned by the Nintendo company.

Nintendo is the company the created and owns the Wii

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo

Nintendo OWNS the wii. that's why its called the Nintendo wii

Nintendo is its own parent company and has its headquarters in Tokyo Japan. Its official company name is Nintendo Company Ltd.

disney or universal, disney owns EVERYBODY, even sega or nintendo, but nintendo and sega must of kicked disney's a**.

The Pepsi CO owns the company IZZE.

Diageo PLC owns the Pillsbury Company

There are no Mario Games for Xbox 360 because Nintendo owns the Mario company so only Nintendo games consoles like the Wii will have Mario games.

Nintendo of America owns the Seattle Mariners.

The name of the company that owns Kleenex is Kimberley-Clark.

Mark Kingdrif owns the Mars Company

Well the company who owns fantage is Fantage inc.

yes nintendo is a game company

Nintendo is it's own parent company however Nintendo of America's parent company is Nintendo. A little confusing yea?

Nestle company owns Alpo dog food company.

Which Company owns Persil

Nintendo is publicly traded, so technically many people own pieces of it. The majority shareholder is a man named Hiroshi Yamauchi, who is the grandson of the man who founded Nintendo. He owns about 10% of the company. The rest of the shareholders include banks and mutual funds, as well as company directors, including president Satoru Iwata.

with the Nintendo wii company

Nintendo is a Japanese company.

Fusajiro Yamauchi was the original founder of NintendoNintendo was first founded as a Card Company named "Nintendo Koppai".

clear wireless owns 49 percent of the company and Sprint owns 51 percent of the company

Answer:The company "Nintendo" made the Nintendo Wii.

The Nintendo Wii was made by Nintendo.

Nintendo made the Nintendo 64.

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