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Infiniti is the luxury car division of Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company. (same as Lexus IS for Toyota and Acura for Honda)

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Q: Who owns the car company Infinity?
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What car company makes infinity?

Nissan makes infinity

Parent company of Infinity?

If you are talking about the car make - then the parent company of Infinity is Nissan Automotives.

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What car company owns the Honda?

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Who owns Fox Rent a Car company?

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Is Nissan the same company as infinity?

Infinity is the luxury car division of Nissan, owned by the same company (Nissan), formerly known as Datsun.

What car company owns Jaguar?

Tata Motors owns Jaguar now.

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What car company owns Chrysler?

Chrysler is now owned by Chrysler LLC (Limited Liability Company). Fiat owns 53.5% interest in the company.

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Spyker cars N.V.

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The FCA Fiat Chrysler corporation owns Mitsubishi now.

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Spyker cars N.V.

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Volkswagen owns Audi.

Who owns acura car company?

Acura is a division of Honda

Who owns the car company TOYOTA?

Toyota Motor Corporation

Who owns the St. Louis Refrigerator Car Company?

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What car company made 2000 infinity?

That would be Nissan - Infiniti is their " luxury " division

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