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If you mean the series of casual Nintendo DS games, the copyright belongs to Ubisoft.


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Nobody owns the copyright of a single word. Perhaps you mean trademark.

the coca cola company owns the copyright

A minor owns the copyright on any works they create.

Unless other agreements have been made, the creator generally owns the copyright.

Copyright protects expressions: writing, art, music, etc.

There are 24 different copyright-protected items by that name.

The phrase "copyright obtained" doesn't give any indication of who copyright might be assigned to.

You can't. It is a right that the writer owns. You can offer to buy the copyright.

Unless other arrangements are made, the creator of a work controls the copyright.

Unless other arrangements are made, the creator of the work is the automatic copyright holder.

This company does:

Sony Pictures Television.

If the mural has any copyright at all, it was initially owned by the author, but the author may sell his or her copyright to others.

Individual words do not qualify for copyright protection, and there is no trademark registered with that word.

It is a 17th century English nurseryrhyme, and the copyright is unknown.

Frederick Warne & Co. own all copyright.

Legally, the author of any work owns the copyright until they transfer it to others or it is transferred by law (such as inheritance).

When copyright expires on an item it is said to be "public domain" or "in the public domain", meaning that nobody owns any exclusive copyright on it.

There are dozens of copyrightable works by that name.

There are three movies by that title.

Unless other arrangements were made, the creator controls the copyright.

The estate of Martin Luther King will control copyright of the speech through 2038.

The photographer owns the copyright of any photograph unless there is a written and signed agreement with a client that states otherwise. If the photographer is an employee of someone else and being paid for his employment, then the employer is legally the "author" and owns the copyright, under US law. It is quite possible, and often the case, that a person may own the only copy of a photograph but someone else owns the entire copyright but no copies.

The Picasso family retains the copyright, and it is administered by ARS-NY.

There are a number of copyright holders, but most uses can be licensed through Warner Bros. Television.

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