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David Gilmour with an footnote. There is alot of speculation on his #0001 stratocaster. the website has tons of information about it, including some notes about how it may or may not be the 1st ever made. The hardware is gold and the color is unusual for the time, so those are signs that it was made for a special occasion, or as a custom job. But custom for who? This is where it might actually be #1. It could be custom for Leo Fender, made that way as a test or prototype for himself, or it could be for..well anything. There is also a piece on that page of how one of Gilmour's guitar techs bough the guitar from Seymour Duncan for the small price of $900 in the mid 70's. Leo Fender originally gave (or sold) the guitar to Seymour Duncan. Read that part carefully, it discusses weird topics that say Gilmour's guitar is a "Frankenstein" instead of the real #0001, since it has custom wound pickups from Seymour Duncan, and a '57 neck with cigarette burns on it..which Gilmour's guitar does indeed have. I'm sure the only people that really know are/were Leo Fender and his wife, David Gilmour himself, who is a quiet person and may not tell just to keep the mystery up, and the guitar techs that handled it. And its value? Guitar Tech and then owner Phil Taylor sold the guitar to Gilmour for the money to buy a house in 1977. Now that its 50+ years old and Leo Fender has passed, it might be in the "priceless" category. Interestingly enough, David still plays the #0001, and played it of course at the 50 year anniversary of the strat, and he has been known to use it during practice and recording sessions. There is also a nice page on that website about his black strat, which is almost as famous, if not more, than #0001.


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The price that they are worth is about $1000-$2200

A fat strat refers to a strat that has a humbucker pickup, which pretty much looks like two single coils smushed together on a guitar

For an American made fender standard stratocaster, you're looking at about $1,500.

Depends on the condition of course. And where it was made. If it's USA, and in decent condition, a 1988 strat would be about £600, or $1200.

I have a 76-Strat too and I've been at the luthier to a check up. He said it is about 1.800 Euros. $1500-$3500 and depends on many variables.

A Mexican made fender strat is 500-600 dollars while American strats are 1000 dollars.

how much is a mexican fender telecaster custom guitar 2004/5 worth

not much, they arent the classic fender people like

How much is a Fender acoustic guitar worth model number f55-12

For a Strat copy or similar solidbody, $100 aprox.

Fender says "there is always some carryover from one year to the next". Therefore your guitar is either an 02 or an early 03. Shouldn't matter much in resale price.

I just bought one for $285, and I have seen them for an average of about $425. Oh yeah, mine came with a hard case.

The problem with asking what the average cost of a Strat is that there are so many different kinds. We have a "Mexican Standard Strat" "US Standard Strat" "The VG Strat" "Custom Strats" "Road Worn Strat" and various "Signature Strats" There are even some more but those ones are what I can think of right now. For most of those they have "Deluxe" models as well which means a shiny pickguard and possibly something about the pickups. The "American Standard Strat" runs $1339.99 at (as of Spring 2009) The "Road Worn" you can find for $949.99 at (also as of Spring 2009) I don't know that they make Mexican Strats anymore but if you find a used one all the better, they are very cheep and have the same parts, same company, different workforce making them. Squire is a company by Fender that makes Stratocasters for a lot cheaper... generally they're not looked on as, as good as Fender, but much cheeper.

depend onthe condition they are worth £1600 to £1900 .

I'm not sure, but paid $180 for a DG-16 Fender Acoustic guitar manufactured in Korea.

1000$ to 2500$ depending on condition

between 800 and 1500 bucks

As valuable as any guitar ever made!

I don't know too much except I recently purchased an acoustic fender made in korea, plays beautifully.

No more than $200. Great guitar - just not worth much.

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