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Who owns the rights to ta moko?


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The Maori have the rights to ta moko as it is a part of their culture.


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When was Ta Moko invented

ta moko is to tattoo, moko is a tattoo

Ta moko performed on the thighs

ta moko is a maori design for a tamlkdhgkjalghkjg

Anyone is allowed to wear Ta Moko but is is considered offensive and extremely rude to Maori if you decide to.

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The term for the facial tattooing that the Maori use is Ta Moko for both men and women, but the difference is that only men get a full facial Moko whereas the women only get their lips and chin done.

Most people refer to the full facial tattoo for males and the chin tattoo for women as "Moko", or sometimes as "Ta Moko".

that they use tattoo machines instead of chisels

You mean something like this?:

The Maori call their body and facial tattoos "Ta moko". Did you know that moko tattoos were originally chiseled into the skin? Send me a message if you'd like to know more! :D

Ta Moko is a way of telling a story in an art form. The design shows what you have accomplished in your life this could be about your family or chosen line work. These are normally about your family history this being very important to Maori people. Some times Ta Moko can date back from 2000 years. They traditionally applied the design by caving the skin with an uhi (chisels). These chisels were made from albatross's bone, which was attached to a handle and struck with a mallet into the skin. To smooth the skin they would apply kauri tree gum combined with fat. Dead Caterpillars were used to make the pigment in Ta Moko they were dried, burnt and made into powder. The pigment or ink could also be made from burnt timber Anna.k

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Ta moko or the art of tattoo is a form of Maori cultural expression. Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand.

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The Maori people are natives of New Zealand. Ta Moko or Maori tatooing, is becoming more popular as people become aware of it. There are several websites where one can find images of Ta Moko on websites such as Zealand Tattoo, Popular Top Tattoos, Tattoo Me Now as well as Tumblr and Photo Bucket.

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