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The yacht Thunder is now owned by a Croatian owner.

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Who owns the yacht Drumbeg?

owns the yacht drumbeat

Who owns motor yacht gladiator?

Who owns yacht gladiator

Who owns the yacht named sashen ka?

Who owns the yacht named sashen 'ka

Who owns yacht Alisia?

Perini Navi shipyards in Viareggio, Italy owns Yacht Alisia.

Who owns yacht genes machine?

Westport yacht charters

Does Jeff Gordon own a yacht?

Yes, he owns a 106 foot yacht.

Who owns the yacht lady hava?

I would be really intrested to know who owns this Yacht as i saw it in Puerto benus las week when i was there. A

Who owns yacht named medusa?

Microsoft (Research) co-founder Paul Allen owns the 198-foot Medusa yacht.

Who owns the yacht Triton?

The US Marshals Service owns it now!Why?

Who owns the yacht 'Four Jacks'?

John P. Ruane, Jr. owns the yacht, Four Jacks. I linked my source below.

Who owns the yacht meduse?

Paul Allen's second yacht is Meduse. His first is Octopus.

Who owns the CakeWalk yacht?

The owner has not revealed his identity.

Who owns yacht compass rose?

Rich Andrews of Parker Colorado is the ownwer of the Yacht Compass Rose

Who owns the yacht named The One?

The owner of the yacht The One is Lurssen Werft. Lurssen created The One yacht with interior designer John Bannenburg.

Who owns the yacht Alliance?

PACCAR owns it. PACCAR is the parent company of Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks.

Who owns the yacht Martha Ann?

The Lürssen yacht Martha Ann is owned by the American Warren E. Halle.

Who owns the power yacht Bolero?

A couple named Ed Kane and Marty Wallace own the yacht Bolero

Who owns the yacht lucky me?

There are too many yachts with this name to list here. The yacht club to which this yacht belongs, or the marina where it is moored will list the name of its owner.

Who owns yacht octopus?

Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen

Who owns the yacht Anna?

A shady Russian built this Feadship

Who owns the yacht pegaso?

a Spanish auto / truck builder

Who owns the yacht Dani?

Mr Herman Goldsmith of NY

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