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The owner of the yacht The One is Lurssen Werft. Lurssen created The One yacht with interior designer John Bannenburg.

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Who owns the yacht named sashen ka?

Who owns the yacht named sashen 'ka

Who owns yacht named medusa?

Microsoft (Research) co-founder Paul Allen owns the 198-foot Medusa yacht.

Who owns a yacht named springtime?

Thomas and Johness Pinion

Who owns yacht named laurel?

Dennis Fisher Songwriter

Who owns yacht named destiny?

There are probably lots of people who own yachts named that.

Who owns the power yacht Bolero?

A couple named Ed Kane and Marty Wallace own the yacht Bolero

Who owns the yacht Drumbeg?

owns the yacht drumbeat

Who owns the yacht Twitter?

Look at a page for the top largest yachts at: http://yachtwarranty.net there is a large yacht named "twizzle" named after the owners daughter's nickname.

Who owns the yacht named rec loose?

National Liquidators in Davies, Florida

Who owns a yacht named Tsalta?

Last I knew was as of 2007 it was John darvish.

Who owns motor yacht gladiator?

Who owns yacht gladiator

Who owns the yacht mi sueno?

A family from Houston, Texas owns Mi Sueno. Its named after the owner's thoroughbred.

Who owns a yacht named Trillium?

supposed to be owned by a former CEO of Johnson and Johnson.

Who owns a yacht named horizon?

There are charge companies with that name and a manufacturer with that name. Etc

Who owns the yacht named Air?

Its owned by International Yacht Register (IYR), and can be chartered for about a 1 million dollars (US) per week.

Who owns the yacht named relentless?

Trinity yachts owns it. Its a rental 130k for idk how long. I hope its not per night. "Relentless" is the model

Who owns yacht Alisia?

Perini Navi shipyards in Viareggio, Italy owns Yacht Alisia.

What famous person owns yacht named Wheels?

the Trinity yacht called 'Wheels' is owned by mega car dealer and Nascar investor Rick Hendrick

Who owns a yacht named piano bar?

Paul Allen Tim Blixseth from Rancho Mirage, Ca. owns 'Piano Bar' . Paul Allen's yachts are named 'Octopus' and 'Tatoosh'

Who owns yacht genes machine?

Westport yacht charters

Does Paul Allen own a yacht?

Yes, he owns one of the world's largest!

Who owns a yacht named 'Unity'?

Unity is owned by Elena Ford, the great great granddaughter of Henry Ford.

Does Jeff Gordon own a yacht?

Yes, he owns a 106 foot yacht.

Who owns the yacht Thunder?

The yacht Thunder is now owned by a Croatian owner.

Who owns the yacht lady hava?

I would be really intrested to know who owns this Yacht as i saw it in Puerto benus las week when i was there. A

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