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Who pays in a no citation car accident?

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-The insurance company for the first car that spun out of control will not be liable to either of the cars involved in the accident since the first car didn't directly cause the accident.

-If your insurance has full coverage, then it will pay for the damage to your car and perhaps for the other car that collided with you

-The insurance co. of the car that collided with you may not be liable to pay for damages to you since it was not the fault of their driver that caused damage to your car.

-It would be best to speak to your insurance company's agent and explain the entire incident and see what are your best options.

No citation means undetermined fault. In this case it is up to the Insurance co. to handle the issue. Most of the times and depending on what kind of an accident it was, the claim may end up in court, then it is up to the Judge to decide.

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Who pays in a no citation car accident in Indiana?

The at-fault party. Just because no one was cited doesn't mean some one wasn't at-fault. If no one was at-fault then the accident would not have happened.

Who pays for a rental car in an accident?

Usually, one of the insurance companies pays for the rental car.

What car insurance pays for your injuries when you're in anaccident in your car is?

Car insurance that pays for your injuries when you're in an accident in your car is

If Someone hit car behind you and that car hit you who pays?

I'm pretty sure the first car that hits and starts the accident pays.

Which insurance company pays if one car has no damage?

The Insurer of the at fault driver pays for the accident.

If another person has car insurance and has an accident using your car which car insurance is used?

The rule of thumb is that the owner's insurance pays first and, if that coverage is inadequate, the driver's car pays.

If a tire comes off and hits another car who pays?

You do. Your are at fault in the accident.

Car insurancethat pays for you injuries when you are in an accident in you car is?

Injury to you and your passengers is covered under Medical Payments.

What happends if you get in a car accident with out a drivers license?

Most states will give you a citation for not having a drivers license.

Who pays for damages if both drivers got ticketed for the car accident?

you would be the payer of the damage done to your own car.

Who pays for damage of car if unlicensed minor is in an accident?

The owner of the car and their insurance company are responsible for paying for the damages as a result of the accident. To avoid this problem, you can start hiding your keys.

What happens if you have a minor car accident and you have no insurance?

You pay for all damages if you were at fault, and get a citation and fine for not having insurance.

How do you get what is owed for a car that is totalled in accident?

The insurance company pays you once all formalities are taken care of.

Who pays when a parked car is hit?

The driver of the car that was driving when the accident occured. The owner of the parked car should not be responsible unless the car was parked in an illegal place or position.

What are 10 words that describe a car accident?

Words that will describe the compound noun 'car accident' are adjectives; for example:a minor car accidenta bad car accidenta dumb car accidenta serious car accidentan unavoidable car accidentan avoidable car accident

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