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Who pays the medical bills in an accident on a motorcycle for the passenger?


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== == If no other vehicles were involved in this accident, the insurance company of the motorcycle driver has to cover the medical bills of the passenger who was injured.

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If you have medical payments in your insurance. Liability only does not pay medical benefits. And the medical bills have to be the result of an auto accident.

The rights you have as a passenger in vehicle that was wrecked are simple. You are not a fault, you have the right to sue for damages and medical bills. Usually, the at fault person's insurance pays your medical bills and such.

Not really sure what the normal is but i recieved 112,500.00 from a c-2 hangman's fracture in a car accident that i was the passenger in. With no long lasting affects. 110,000 in medical bills though

Medical bills for yourself and anyone else in your car in case of an accident

The at fault drivers auto insurance policy would pay for medical bills up to the policy limits for which that insured driver is liable. If there is no insurance then there is no coverage. If no one has Auto Insurance to cover you, hopefully you have a major Medical Insurance Policy in place. Major medical will cover your medical expenses even from a car accident.

Medical bills for yourself and anyone else in the car in the case of an accident- apex

Depends on what state you are in and what your state's laws are. If you're in a no fault state, your insurance will pay for all of your medical bills no matter who is at fault.

As long as he had a coverage which is called Medical Payments at the time on his auto insurance. Also known as PIP. when you buy this converge you buy it in limits and per person. The highest 2 of my companies have is a 100,000 dollars. So if there was an accident, the insurance company will pay no more then 100,000 dollars per person.

Dogs don't have to have medical bills, but if you take a dog to a veterinarian for medical treatment, the dog willhave medical bills.

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Just be happy that the premiums aren't any higher as the Insurance Company got reimbursed. The lien isn't on YOU, it's on any proceeds you might receive for medical bills from the other party. For more info.

form_title=Hire an Accident Lawyer form_header=If you've recently been in an accident and occurred an injury, an accident lawyer can help you with your claims. Describe the accident:=_ Do you have copies of all your medical bills?= () Yes () No Would you like a no win no pay lawyer?= () Yes () No

can you wages be garnishe for medical bills? can you wages be garnishe for medical bills?

If you are involved in an accident that is not your fault you can sue on several grounds. Damages to the vehicle if you owned it. Medical bills if injured, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc.

Depending on the type of accident and sometimes who is responsible but generally yes. Please, next time, read the fine print of your contract.

If you have a health insurance policy (Medical Insurance) it will pick up where your auto coverage left off.

Because the person who hit them is at fault and with rear end accident there is usually medical bills and pain involved with the people who were hit. They have the right to sue to recover from the accident.

To avoid having to pay for hospital bills resulting from an accident they cause

They or their insurance company needs to pay for damage and medical bills in the accident. If they don't have insurance, they can still be sued for the accident by the victims insurance company.

If you are not at fault and they are, you have the right to sue them for money to cover the accident and possible medical bills. Seek an attorney.

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