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Q: Who performed the song sleepy city?
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Who sang this song with a song in your heart?

i would like to know who sang that song in sleepy ma-tress song

What songs make you sleepy?

A song that is smooth and soft

Where can one find the lyrics of the song 'Detroit City' performed by KISS?

The lyrics of the song 'Detroit City' performed by KISS can be found on various online lyric websites such as WikiLyrics. It also can be found in the album insert.

How do you wake up sleepy kids?

Gently with a song or story.

Who performed the song A Song for You?

"A Song for You" was initially performed by Leon Russell.

What is the song in the channel 5 advert for comedy movies?

Passion Pit by Sleepy Head - this is an excellent song!

Who sings song in 2009 JCPenney ad?

unbelievable by sleepy rebels

The song in the 2009 Christmas US Cellular commercial?

"Kaleidoscope" by Sleepy rebels

What is Louis Armstrong's theme song?

When it's sleepy time down south

What is original song title of sleepy malo tonight's the night?

Outasight I guess

Where is sleepy hollow located what is the physical geography and atmosphere of sleepy hollow?

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is set in the Hudson River Valley of New York. Sleepy Hollow lies in Westchester County, roughly thirty miles north of New York City.

Who sings the song in the cox commercial with pods?

Justin sconza, "a pretty picture" Actually, the song is Sleepy Tigers by Her Space Holiday.

What is the song from the bendigo bank advertisement?

The song is "Sleepy Tigers" by a band called "xoxo, panda". See Related Links for the lyrics

The year Cheer Up Sleepy Jean was made?

The name of the song is, "Daydream Believer", by The Monkees and was released in 1967. The words "Cheer up sleepy Jean" are part of the lyrics.

Who sings in the us cellular commercial where they're making snow angels?

The song is sung by the group Sleepy Rebels. the name of the song is Kaliedescope.

Who performed the song Stuck in the Middle With You?

The song Stuck in the Middle With You was performed by 2 guys. Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan originally performed this song with their band Stealers Wheel.

What song includes Folks are crooning songs soft and low?

Sleepy Time Down South

What is the song in the US Cellular commercial where they're making snow angels?

"Kaleidoscope" Sleepy Rebels

Which city was Phantom of the Opera first performed in?

The city witch it was performed was in Paris.

Who won the eurovision song contest in 1973?

Luxembourg won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973. They were also the host city that year. The winning song was called "Tu Te Reconnaîtras", and was performed by Anne-Marie David.

What slow song plays by the four racing cars to make mac fall to sleepy in the cars movie?

The name of the song is "Songbird" by Kenny G

When was City of Song created?

City of Song was created in 1931.

What is the name of the song on the new film four advert featuring sleepy hollow?

pendulum - fasten your seatbelt

What is the song in the 2009 JCPenney commercial with the girl trying on all the different outfits?

unbelieveable by sleepy rebels

What is the title of the song that Casey performed last April 28 2010?

He performed the song ' don't ' by Shania Twain .