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An oratorio does not have acting, scenery, or costumes as an Opera does but does have arias, recitatives, chorus, and orchestra.

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What is an 'oratorio'?

An oratorio is a large musical composition.

What oratorio did handel write?

One such oratorio was Messiah.

What has the author Victor Crowther written?

Victor Crowther has written: 'The oratorio in Modena' -- subject(s): Oratorio 'The oratorio in Bologna (1650-1730)' -- subject(s): Civilization, Oratorio

What is the title of this composers famous oratorio?

The oratorio, Messiah, by Handel/

When was Christmas Oratorio created?

Christmas Oratorio was created in 1734.

What is an oratorio and what is different between it and an opera?

An oratorio is a large vocal and instrumental dramatic work based on a sacred subject. The main difference between an oratorio and an opera is that an oratorio has no staging or costumes.

The most popular oratorio is?

The most popular oratorio is Handel's Messiah.

Is Handel's Messiah classified as an oratorio a chorale a cantata or an opera?


Is an oratorio a secular vocal work?

An oratorio can be both secular and religious.

What is a oratorio piece?

An oratorio piece is a piece of classical music with lyrics based on the Bible. Usually oratorio involves both a choir and soloist but not always. Handel's Messiah is an example of a famous oratorio piece.

What was the first oratorio Handel wrote in English?

Semele was his first English oratorio

What are Example of an oratorio?

G. F. Handel's Messiah is a great example of an oratorio.

When was BYU Oratorio Choir created?

BYU Oratorio Choir was created in 1961.

What are the differences between a oratorio and an opera?

b. oratorio doesn't include an aria and an opera does.

What are some compositions of George Frideric Handel?

Water Music suite Messiah (oratorio) Music for Fireworks Almira (opera) Israel in Egypt (oratorio) Esther (oratorio)

A short oratorio usally intended for a church service is known as a?

Oratorio refers to a lengthy compilation of pieces for solo, chorus and instrumentation. Perhaps a short oratorio could be likened to a Cantata. Have not heard a direct reference to "short oratorio" in my educational experiences. A "Cantata".

What is a short oratorio?

A Cantata.

What did Historicus sing?


Oratorio differs from opera in that it has no?

Oratorio uses sacred text, and is typically not staged (no costumes, lights, sets, etc.).

When was Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio created?

Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio was created on 1991-06-29.

What is the Handels Messiah?

It's a Baroque-era oratorio. An oratorio is a concert piece for voice and orchestra that tells a story, usually from the Bible.

How is oratorio and opera alike?

Both are - vocal, instrumental and usually dramatic. However oratorio [usually] has no staging or dramatic acting.

Where would you find an Oratorio being played?

Oratorio can be played everywhere ,sometimes in the theater and sometimes int the school of music...

What are the release dates for Oratorio for Prague - 1968?

Oratorio for Prague - 1968 was released on: USA: 29 September 1968

What is lengthy choral work?


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