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Who sings the song 'It Don't Matter' in the Cingular commercials?

It Don't MatterPhil Collins has a song called "It Don't Matter." But I've heard that clip on the Cingular commercials & I believe that the Artist's are the group "Bread." The song is "It Don't Matter To Me"by David Gates & Bread. Check it out & see.

What artist performs the song containing the lyrics 'east coast west coast it don't matter'?

Robert Randolph & The Family Band"Ain't Nothing Wrong"

Who sings the song with the lyrics Don't Matter on the Discovery Channel commercial?

Aint nothing wrong with that ,,,,,,,,Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Where can the lyrics for No Matter What by Boyzone be found?

The lyrics for 'No Matter What' by Boyzone can be found on online lyric websites. AZLyrics, Lyrics007, and MetroLyrics are website one can visit to find the lyrics to 'No Matter What'.

What is the name of the song in the new Home depot commercial some of the lyrics are like it don't matter if its raining nothing can phase me I make my own sunshine?

"I Make My Own Sunshine" by Alyssa Bonagura

What song contains the lyrics no matter what you say no matter what you've done?

No Matter What - Israel ft Lil Wayne

What are the lyrics to Catch you If you Fall by Boondox?

It dont matter.

What are the lyrics to the gospel song that has the line No matter where you are today or where you are coming from?

i do not no

What are the best Bullet for My Valentine lyrics?

This is mainly a matter of opinion. Personally, I would say the lyrics to "All These Things I Hate".

Who sang early 70's song w lyrics no matter what you do you girl?

Badfinger, name of song is "No Matter What"

What are the lyrics it doesn't matter if you're lying in a gutter it doesn't matter if your brains in a clutter from?

Gary Barlow - Walk Away

Where can one find the lyrics of the song 'Hybrid Moments' performed by the Misfits?

There are many different websites that offer lyrics to songs no matter how popular they were. One of the best websites to find song lyrics is A-Zlyrics.

Can a vehicle be taken with commercial plates if it is the most important tool for your own company?

Yes. Doesn't matter if it has commercial plates or not. Doesn't matter how important it is to you. If you don't make your payments, your vehicle gets repossessed.

Where can you write lyrics?

Lyrics can be written anywhere! Use a pen/paper, use your computer. Where you write them doesn't matter, but if you have a song in your heart and you want to get the words out, write them down!

What are some examples of freestyle lyrics sources?

Freestyle music can mean the Latin pop music that was big in the mid to late 1980s, or it can mean freestyle rap. No matter what the genre, you can find music lyrics on the Metro Lyrics website.

Why was Giuseppe Verdi's operas censored?

Verdi's operas were censored for their lyrics, content, and subject matter.

Is MIKA shy?

Hardly. No matter what publicists say any one who performs in public is not shy. They may be nervous but never shy.

Where can the lyrics to Heartless by Kanye West be found online?

The lyrics to Heartless by Kanye West can be found online at several sites. It is a matter of preference as there are so many. If one just types in lyrics to songs in a search, many choices are offered.

What determines if a vehicle is a commercial vehicle concerning in Arkansas?

The federal laws on this matter.

What is the refrain lyrics for the song Shiver sung by Coldplay?

To find lyrics for any songs, including the song called Shiver, sung by Coldplay, one can look at several lyric sites. It is a matter of choice as there are many sites which offer lyrics to songs.

Where to find the martian matter commercial?

We have seen it during Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr

Why is it that children can remember the lyrics to songs but can't tell you what they learned in school?

All a matter of what one cares about and has an interest in.

What is the song with the lyrics no more waiting by the phone shes not afraid just to be alone because boys dont boys dont matter?

Boys Don't Matter by LoveSick Radio

What is the name of the song that has the lyrics 'Where you're from it doesn't matter-What you wear it doesn't matter'?

It is by a one-hit wonder artist named Coleman Wilde and was used for a beer commercial in the late 80's. Here's a link, and when you scroll way down the page, you will find quotes from the authors about how they wrote the song. There is also a link in one of the comments on how to download this song for free: Hope this is helpful!

Changing a residential property to commercial?

This is a matter of local councils and an application would need to be submitted.