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The person who called Darry was his teacher amnd he wanted to know if Ponyboy can do his missed work.

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Why does Darry not want Pony to fight in this rumble?

Because Darry thinks he is out of shape. :)

Why Do You Think Darry Wants To Fight Paul?

He didn't. Darry shouted, "Come on. I'll fight anyone!" And Paul stepped up. But I guess Darry didnt want to fight him because he use to be his buddy. Darry just didnt want to lose his manlyness and step down.

What is the present perfect tense for phone?

I/We/You/They have phonedHe/She/It has phoned

Who did Darry first take on in the rumble why is this person significant?

He took on Paul, they were really close friends in high school but because Darry was in the Socs they stopped being friends. It is also worth mentioning that Darry doesn't want to be with the Greasers because he doesn't want to stay with them the whole rest of his life because he actually does want to do something in his life. It is mentioned before Darry fought Paul by Ponyboy.

What doesn't Ponyboy want Two- Bit to tell his brother Darry?

Ponyboy feels sick but he wants to fight in the rumble anyway, so he can avenge Johnny. He doesn't want Two-Bit to tell Darry this because Darry would make him stay home.

Why was Darry so upset when Steven referred to him as all brawn and no brain?

Because darry was actually very smart but because he was in the gang and so muscular they did not notice how smart he was. Darry knew he was smart but did not want to mention it

Who phoned your phoned?

Well, if you have LOTS of friends, they might phone your phone

Do darry love Ponyboy?

of course he just gets worried about him and want to protect him

Why doesn't Darry want Ponyboy to be in the rumble?

Because he is still injured from the fire.

Does Darry dislike ponyboy and feel like he is a burden?

No. Darry just doesn't want to loose Ponyboy like he lost his parents. He truly really loves Ponyboy.

Why was Ponyboy concerned with whether or not he had asked for Darry while he was unconscious?

Ponyboy is concerned because he feels like he has just made up with darry! He feels like now he understands him and realizes why he did things so he (Ponyboy) doesn't want to hurt Darry anymore!

Why does Darry treat ponyboy the way he does in the book outsiders?

Darry treat's Ponyboy the way he does in the book because he is scared of losing someone else that he loves. Darry was just being overprotective because he didn't want to lose Ponyboy like his mother and father.

Why does soda run when Darry and Ponyboy get in an argument?

Because he did not want to be the middle guy anymore

What is the past simple of phone?

The past simple of the verb phone is 'phoned' and in the sentence, it can be used as I phoned Martin.

What does Darry means when he tells Ponyboy not to quit?

Darry doesn't want Ponyboy to give up on life. He wants Ponyboy to have a successful life, not just stay a greaser his whole life.

Use past tense in a sentence?

Jack phoned me last night. - phoned = past tense.I was watching TV when Jack phoned me last night - was watching = past tense.I had eaten my dinner and was watching TV when Jack phoned me last night. - had eaten = past tense

Who is your darry?

Patrick Swayze plays Darry in The Outsiders

What is Ponyboy's opinion on darry?

at first , ponyboy thinks that Darry doesn't care about him at all. But after he sees darry crying at the hospital ,he realizes that Darry really cares about pony

Why does Darry want to fight in the rumble?

He wants to fight in the rumble for Johnny "For Johnny"- pg.125 (Its in the book) ^^ That's Dally... Darry wants to fight because he likes to show off his muscles.

Why did Darry scold ponyboy?

darry scolds ponyboy because pony starts to slack off in school and darry knows that he can do better. darry also tells him that with his grades he can get a scholarship

Why does darry hesitant about letting pony fight?

well, he is hesitant because of course, PONY IS SICK. no one should fight when they are sick, it's stupid!

Who played darry in the outsiders?

Darry is played by Patrick Swayze.

What do others say about Darry outsiders?

what have other said about darry

What did Ponyboy learn about Darry in chapter 6?

He learned that Darry was trying to make something of himself and Darry loved him and missed him.

Explain ponyboys motivation for running away?

Well first off he never really felt close to Darry but he always loved Sodapop, so when Darry hit him, he though that Darry didn't want him there. He knew that Johnny would run away in a second so he grabbed Johnny and ran.

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